Hum TV takes lead Suhaib tries to help Behroze financially and asks Gul Khan to keep an eye on them. Wali however tells her that he doesn’t want her to stay because to Agha Jaan, but rather that she would want to be with him. Wali finds Faraah sleeping in his room and leaves without waking her up. Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 05! Hum TV climbs back up on Tuesday”.

Ruhina tells her brother that she will only marry Behroze. Faarah is angry at Ruhina for taking money from Agha Jaan. Retrieved 10 November Retrieved 7 June He offers Faarah a contract which states that if she agrees to stay in haveli with Agha Jaan for three months, he will agree to divorce Faraah, to which she agrees. Retrieved 28 May

They find out where Faraah is being kept from Moeez’s business partner Omar. Wali calls Faraah and asks her to djl Behroze. Faraah reveals to Ruhina that Wali had brought her to haveli as a part of agreement they made because of Agha Jaan’s deteriorating health.

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Arjumand told Wali that she has forgiven Faraah and will accept Faraah as her daughter in law if he wants. Ruhina is angry at Behroze and thinks that idl is ignoring her and is paying more attention to Agha Jaan.

Agha Jaan suffers heart attack when he hears of son’s death. Agha Jaan tells Ruhina to forget the past and start a new life at the haveli. Zahra Mirza April 7, When Arjumand questions Wali about bringing Dyiar to the haveli, he explains that he has taken this decision for the sake of Agha Jaan’s health.


Tajamul refuses and tells Behroze that he can marry Ruhina once his parents agree to their marriage. Zahra Mirza March 17, Star Plus extends lead on Tuesday at Faraah admits her mistakes to Wali and tells him that she doesn’t want a divorce because of what it will do to Agha Jaan.

Dayar e Dil Episode 10 Promo on Hum TV – 12 May 2015

Dayar-e-Dil novella Farhat Ishtiaq. Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 13! Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 23! Behroze calls Ruhina to ask her to come to haveli with Faraah. Moeez apologizes to Faarah for his behavior and they both reconcile.

Wali then tells Faraah that it was all an act to get her to admit her love for him. Hum Episodd climbs back up on Tuesday”. It is revealed that Behorze had request Arjumand to accept a proposal for Wali and Faraah marriage as he was ill. Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 07!

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Ruhina hires a lawyer to handle Faraah and Wali’s divorce case. Ruhina and Faraah leaves Behroze to live with her brother. Zahra Mirza March 31, epizode Zahra Mirza April 14, Retrieved dll November Zahra Mirza July 7, Behroze and Ruhina have one child Faarah, who is pursuing her career in Medicine.


Wali, Faraah and Arjumand return to the haveli, much to Arjumand’s resentment. Suhaib also expresses a desire for a marriage between Faraah and Wali.

Tajamul asks Ruhina to consider Moeez’s proposal for Faraah, which she accepts. Zahra Mirza May 12, Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 3 October Suhaib learns that Laila has a son Abad-ur-Rehman.

Star Plus stays high on Tuesday”. Retrieved 7 June Arjumand asks Wali to stay away from Faraah and to convince Agha Jaan for divorce.

Ruhina ask Wali to continue his marriage with Faraah and to forgive them. Zahra Mirza October 6, Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 17! Diyar-e-Dil — The End! This drama is such a mood digar. List of Diyar-e-Dil episodes.

Behroze asks Wali to take care of Faarah. Wali is told by the doctor that if certain problems persist, Agha Jaan could die within one year.

Agha asks Wali for diyarr explanation for his behavior with Faraah to which he replies that he wants Faraah to admit her love for him.

Ruhina’s brother and his wife have been swindling Ruhina for money.