AnderZEL’s gift did not arrive in time for him to open it before Christmas. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Near the end of the season four vanilla world a number of members got together to give a group tour of the server. Dealing with cave spider spawners Collecting materials for treehouse Discussing 1. Discussing plans with Anderz Exploring a mineshaft and caving for resources. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Doc’s favorite color is green. Underwater fishing and dying from drowning Shows his first shelter made near spawn Travels back to his jungle base, passing by VintageBeef’s castle More cave exploring, finding a cave spider spawner. Caving Talking about “likes” on YouTube Constructing a beacon. Discussing design options for one of the rooms in his treehouse Speed shearing sheep at Zisteau’s Testing wool colors for the treehouse floor Discussing the seed hunt for The Mindcraft World Tour. Riding a horse into the desert to explore and finding a desert temple. AnderZEL built a Christmas tree next to the town hall and decorated it with redstone lights and coloured wools. See Killing the Enderdragon.

Talks about the season’s twist and shows his patriotic skin Explores terrain and existing builds Enchanting, fishing for xp and talking about gameplay changes in Minecraft. Testing fire spread with Etho Experimenting with implementing ideas in the pig farm.

Eocm77 clay Discussing livestreaming options Talking about trolling Extending the treehouse. This page has been accessed 5, times.

Looking at Pakratts witch spawner Discovering and removing generik’s “woodpeckers”. Leafing and Gamescom “. Discovering Anders prank of ice and snowmen friends Speed cleaning up Discussing streaming his hunt for dkcm77 and Tekit LP.

Mindcrack Minecraft SMP – Schmetterling, the Flying Horse! – Episode 86 – Season 4

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Finding the jungle trees mcgamer left and removing them and woodpeckers Talking about mods and FTB Looking at the Nether Hub expansion Peaking at Mindcrafk presents el giving some to other members.


Talking about plans for Gamescon Building a central storage room for his treehouse Making a hanging bridge to the storage area. Christmas is an annual event on the Mindcrack Server and has been celebrated since His cave base and mob system The cow, flower and reed farms and the trading system His jungle base and mob system The Wither spawning pads The pet shop and ice tray in the Spawn village The Nether dcom77 expansions The double blaze farm The trivia game at Guudeland.

Diamond hoe 8 ice blocks 6 speed potions 12 redstone ore blocks.

Nebris was the first to construct the Wither. Battle fishing, burial for Snuggles. Please use the talk seawon for contact. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Like the previous year, 16 Mindcrackers celebrated Christmas by exchanging gifts in the “Secret Santa” format.

The materials that were spawned in were destroyed. His team managed to develop something that could’ve change the world, but company leaders rejected it because of shareholder interests.

Server Tour – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Views Read Edit View history. Working vocm77 the tree house Discussing Minecon location rumors, Knee problems and Battlefield 3.

Everyone teleporting around the server, commenting on each others builds. Talking about livestreaming, video comments, Dear Doc Boat diving into the arena and walking through Spawn.

The Gathering of Claw Army”. Just shots fired back. Notch and Dinnerbone, along with a handful of Wp, helped Doc with this project. Views Read Edit View history. Working on making an automatic pig breeding farm in the treehouse.

Making an iron dock77 farm with Avidya Talking about BlameTC ,indcrack the server Discussing the games they are playing and used to play Talking about how the internet has changed how people behave.

Mindcrack Christmas Exchange “. Discussing moving Talking about slang Working on the iron golem farm at Avidya’s place. After the fight, the entire group engaged in free-for-all to determine who would obtain the last Nether Star. A platform was constructed high above the island so that the members can reset their spawn and have their spawn protected from the Wither. Pyrao ‘s and Docm77 ‘s gifts did not arrive before the reveal video was released.


See Killing the Enderdragon. Aureylian, Docm, and Avidya had successfully guessed their Secret Santas during their videos. Detroit Lions t-shirt hidden inside a Green Bay Packers plush bear.

Life-size cardboard cutout of Jeff Probsthost of Survivor. Chad mentioned during a livestream with Pause on 11 December that European residents were paired with other European residents, and North American residents with other North American residents.

First MindCrack video in a separate MindCrack playlist. Utilizing and modifying the 1.

Shows ocelot and several farms Opens Zisteanian care package Explores the Cheaty cave Adds signs and stairs to the cave. Working on the nether tunnel, glitching to the ceiling of the nether Checking out the blaze spawner. Mindcrack S2E59 – Christmas Gifts! Docj77 Ores and TNT [6]. Cleaning up the area around his treehouse Discussing peoples perception of his World Tour Working on a pumpkin farm.

Views Read Edit View history. This page has been accessed 3, times. Retrieved from ” http: Excess amounts of glitter, The Long-Distance Mindcrac Survival Guideseveral fake moustaches, pair of googly eyes, knitted boob. Working on a nether track switch Laying track in the nether. See Slaying the Wither.

Please use the talk page for contact. After the fight, the group established the beacon in front of Town Hall.