Later she relaxes when Samrat postpones his visit to Shaurya’s classes. Urmi and rest of the family try to stop Samrat’s father Rudra from leaving the house, but Rudra is admanat and wants to leave the house with his wife. The whole family criticize Samrat and Urmi shouts at him for doing it. Will Urmi find her knight in shining armor who will whisk her away into a fairytale wedding only to live happily ever after or will she end up disillusioned and disappointed? Urmi thanks her mother-in-law, Shashi for supporting her and encouraging her to go for the dance workshop. Watch the entire episode here. Meanwhile, Samrat enters the swimming club with new pair of swimming glasses for Shaurya. Samrat’s mother seems to be struggling as she gets a taste of her own medicine.

She then sees Samrat entering the room and Samrat starts beating up Urmi. Urmi gets worried and wants ‘tauji’ to stop Samrat’s parents from leaving. Things take a surprising turn when Manish tells that he and Urmi are in love with each other. Shaurya enters the room and sees his parents fighting. She starts afresh as an independent woman, while Samrat ends up in jail. The entire family gets surprised when Manish reveals his love for Urmi in front of them.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 02, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 06, Divakar is extremely upset with Samrat’s rude behaviour towards him and expresses his sorrow in front of his wife.

Doli Armaanon Ki

She gives the news of the marriage to Samrat’s parents. Things take a surprising turn when Manish tells that he and Urmi are in love with each other. But ‘tauji’ asks her to sit and watch the drama. For how long will Urmi manage to hide about the dance classes from Samrat? You are not subscribed to access this content. Karan senses the situation heating up and tries to find out from Anu’s parents about what has happened.


Urmi arrives back from her home. Wpisode here to know more. Shaurya is happy to see his dad at home, but eoisode warns him against hurting his mother again.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 01, Samrat gets more furious with Urmi and decides to teach her a lesson. Samrat arrives home and is furious with Urmi. He asks her about his father being in jail.

Meanwhile, Samrat gets angry when his brother Divakar tells him about the enquiry that he had conducted in the hotel room. Samrat gets furious when he sees the resignation letter by Divakar but finally agrees with Divakar’s decision to look for a new job. The whole family sees this and get shocked.

Doli Armaanon Ki Episode – 16th September – keywords HERE

Watch the full episode here. The entire family gets surprised when Manish reveals his love for Urmi in front of them. Anu tries to convince Shaurya to spend time doing something else as he does not have his swimming glasses now. Samrat asks his father and mother to leave the house. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 10, Rudra apologizes to Urmi for doubting her character and decides to help Urmi in gaining back her respect in the house.

Samrat goes to his office and gets furious with his dli when he hears them talking behind his back. Urmi too wpisode about the matter and gets shocked hearing about it.

Shashi tries to inform him about Urmi’s dance but Samrat is too tired to listen and gets irritated with his mother. Will Samrat see the rose and the letter? Urmi’s sister Anu meanwhile is against marriage at the present and wants to start doing a job.


Preeto [Episode 207] – 9th April 2012 Video Watch Online

Later, Urmi panics when Samrat calls her during her dance classes and asks her to pass the phone to Shaurya. Shaurya on the other hand is happy that they are stuck in Sushma’s house as they now have a place to live in.

Samrat’s mother Shashi calls and inform him about Urmi going out with boys during her dance classes but Samrat gets angry with his mother and asks her to cut the phone. At the police station, Samrat continues to threaten Urmi in front of the police but Urmi is not affected. Samrat tries to continue his argument with Divakar, but ‘tauji’ stops him and asks him to let Divakar work independently.

The media and various social groups collect outside the police station to show their support to Urmi. Later, Gaurav’s marriage gets fixed and Urmi stops her parents from inviting Samrat and her parents. Urmi expresses her desire to dance and hearing this Samrat advises her to stop episose about her desire to dance as she is dol a mother. Later, Urmi gets shocked when Manish comes to her house to meet her. This content is for Adult viewing only. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 25, Urmi gains consciousness and starts yelling and pleading for forgiveness from Samrat.

Shashi tells Shaurya that his father Samrat has been sent to the jail by his own mother.