Scobie, Tom Collister as Man in Lift. Just what motivates the people who are so consumed by hostile attitudes towards sex and violence in society’s culture, and why is multimillionaire Arthur Ballantyne funding them? Catchpole”, while Noel Dyson plays moral campaigner Angela Cressy, giving the instalment two Mary Whitehouse analogues for the price of one. Wharfrat on The Sentinel Michael…. But when Quist hears of this underhanded practice he is furious, and decides that the only way to stop the unethical management is to turn their own method against them Quist and Doomwatch become embroiled in an enquiry into the heart-transplanting practices of Doctor Patrick. Email required Address never made public.

The inquest into her death is highly controversial, but even more shocking is Colin Bradley’s recommendation that every dog within a five-mile radius be destroyed From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When a boy named Jimmy tries to retrieve his football from the roof of the Carlingham Alloys factory, he collapses and later dies in hospital. In the town of Sileby, a schoolgirl named Marion Duffy dies of rabies , but no-one is able to identify the source. The Curse of… on The Curse of the Werewolf …. A debate into the effects of dangerous chemical processes begins, and oil baron Richard Massingham finds himself personally involved when his son Stephen is kidnapped by someone displaying similar symptoms of poisoning

Toby is sent to investigate the device, but he soon finds himself faced with the terrifying prospect of disarming a very live bomb A process called Reverse Standards Conversion RSC was developed several years ago and it was designed to restore something of the natural PAL videotape look to programmes like these. Hi Chris Grading refers to the process by which the picture is kept consistant same colours, etc. A real-life womaniser with an espionage background, he was allowed to bring these things in to the character of John Ridge, and therefore gives us the series’ Jason King.

However, a copy of the unbroadcast episode survives in the archives, one of only three from the final series to do so. Thanks for sharing the info. Of course, the best scenario is that we get a fully-restored release, along the lines of OOTU. Lastly, it’s a very literate episode: Quist had worked on the development of the atomic bomb and seen his wife die of radiation poisoning ; Ridge was the secret agent type and Wren a conscientious researcher.


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Despite such detractions, the episode would have reached the higher levels of this ranking just on the innovation of its plot, and some of the more “out there” exidting, such as the opening with the bizarre dress and percussion music of the girls handing out chocolate.

Far more serious is the use of actual execution footage from Nigeria, which still shocks today.

Ridge is suspicious, and his investigations uncover a disturbing fact: An inquest reveals that his lungs burnt out as a result of beryllium poisoning. What appears to be a yellow fever epidemic breaks out at an exclusive health episldes on one of the Isles of Scilly.

It does seem a shame that the NTSC tapes were wiped, as it would have been possible for them to be released. Ridge and Hardcastle investigate, but when they visit a local building named Wensdale Grange they dolmwatch strongly warned off by an army unit, which has taken over the entire area, killing any intruding animals and showing hostility to any human intruders. An inquiry into Doomwatch is begun following the events surrounding Ridge’s breakdown.

So in order to remove this, the grade would have to be done frame by frame — which takes time and costs money. Simon causes early deaths, and the islanders are faced with a decision: Retrieved from ” https: Freeman, Barbara Bolton as Mrs.

The lead is Quist’s wife, Dr. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A debate into the effects of dangerous chemical processes begins, and doo,watch baron Richard Massingham finds himself personally involved when his son Stephen is kidnapped by someone displaying similar symptoms of poisoning In the run of existing episodes, then Hair Trigger follows five below-par entries, and so may appear better than it actually is due to placement alone.


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Pedler and Davis re-used the exksting of the first episode of the series, “The Plastic Eaters”, for their novel Mutant When a lifeboat crew discovers a luxury cruiser adrift in the English Channelthey find on board a group of wealthy pop stars and their girlfriends—one of whom is dead.

It’s far from the best episode in terms of writing, acting or concept. And are there any special features?

You are commenting using your WordPress. Here, however, the episides script by Elwyn Jones, while fine, gives us a team who are far more at ease with each other, even cracking regular jokes At a Tower block constructed by the Ampleforth Development Corporation, Fay is working on an environmental report into the conditions there.

Doomwatch – DVD now due for release April 2016

Throughout the 70s “Public Information Films” would be shown on television, warning children of various dangers. Other members of the cast were: When tins of paint are found stored in his rxisting, Bradley suspects that toxic fumes from the lead in the paint may have affected Ridge’s mind, and therefore been responsible for his erratic behaviour.

After Quist is asked by the minister to look into the situation, as it is happening within his constituency, he and his team trace the cause to the local fish farm, which is using a special chemical to dissolve the bones in the fish.

John Ridge John Nolan