Also K needs to spend more time at her sasural. Getting married is the biggest thing in any girl’s life and getting married All of her daughters were raised to value education and be ambitious career women too. It seems like something she would have said when breaking up.. I mentioned his Sarah Khan and Agha Ali dramas in my list. I googled Badin had to know:

Yaar, I was thinking the same, I would have even been ok, if he pretended to sleep and then opened his eyes after she closed hers… just something to tell Zaroon that she cares! At least to him that is how she appears to him at that point. Would love to know how you like it. Mujhe Kashaf ka ikraar ka betaabi se inthezaar hai! He looks happy as he approaches her, but then upset after she leaves. Varna lambay lambay saans laina paday gai oxygen ki kaami ki vaja se.

I can go on and on but… But they talked about dooriyan too much that wasnt a good sign. Happy to have someone on the same wavelength as me!

Dusri Biwi Episode 20 Promo on Ary Digital

I guess you might be onto something there: And the scene when Z hands money to K…. In the park scene, when he says he thought she had all the qualities rpisode a good wife, she asked like what? But more than all that I love how he wants to take her back without knowing about her innocence. But other then that I think she is great. I am not surprised that no one on the sets noticed she said baytarbiyati is that even a word Like Like.

I mentioned his Sarah Khan and Agha Ali dramas in my list. Must say she was a surprise for me and now I am in total aww for this girl …. Yes, I also agree with you on the stereotypes….


He was wreaking havoc on me AnywaysFK makes it all soo much more bearable! His home is in DHA, her mom lives in Nazimabad, he works in Islamabad and she works in Badin… I am not familiar with Karachi geograhpical differences, but they keep implying that it is a long drive from DHA to Nazimabad. I think it really hurts him when everyone calls him conservative.

Deeba, Or Z could have just hugged K to console her…remember how tender he was to his sister when she was crying: Thats exactly how i feel!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Rather zaroon was puzzled at womens stubborn liberalism of making men follow their rules- just a dislike Does Not make one a chauvinist. Thank you so much for sharing these lines Rehmat, these were the most poignant and beautiful lines.

Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka Episode Full

For me too the stand out scene in the episode was where Zaroon gave Kashaf the money it was done in a touching manner. He was really cute there…heck he was cute throughout. All of my sisters and I hold post graduate professional degrees, but we can also cook and entertain, and quite frankly I enjoy doing it too!

Aish — Trust me there is no cure for the Humsafar bemaari! He was Zaroon in full form and she was Kashaf completely and they were blending together. Yes i noticed that too with Sidra! I felt the last scene doosfi the drama was a total waste….



SK — yeah — exactly. I guess I was asking what this particular proverb means, i. SZ, please feel free to take it off if you want. I personally am waiting for the OST scene where they are both doodri against a wall looks like on the floortalking to each other….

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I mentioned his worst Pakistani dramas in my list.

Distances in Karachi are marked by traffic jams. He is joking about it but you can tell he worries too.

She spoke my mind. Just thought that scene was in the OST but edited out of the serial — but flashback makes perfect sense. Sk, you know I was thinking about this last night ,I think as of now he is not insecure.

FK and SS were awesome, her eyes welling with tears, showed him her vulnerability. These are supposed to air every Fri, probably within a week or two, The interest here for many is that Fawad Khan is the hero in one of the films — Armaan. Rehmat, you and Afia are too nice rpisode excellent with your translations!! Afia, you are not alone.

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