Siddharth lies to her that he has invited his friends on their trip. To know more, keep watching Gustakh Dil Anshuman meets Nikhil on the way. We hope to be the same. Rishi shares his feelings with Laajo. Barkha informs Sunaina that she has invited Mrs.

Garnish with a skewered maraschino cherry and orange slice Please follow me on Instagram: By Tez News views. Aisha refuses and becomes outraged at Laajo regarding the same. By Indian National Congress views. By Bollywood Bubble views. Ishana breaks down into tears on recalling about Nikhil. By Telugu TechTuts views.

Gustakh Dil – 11th November 2013 – Ep 71

By Tez News views. Gustakh Dil – 5th Wpisode – Ep 67 Ram Bachan and Saraswati become elated on learning about Laajo’s well-being, but worry about Nikhil’s accident. Kunal becomes sad on learning about Nikhil and Ishana’s affinity. Laajo becomes sad on learning that Nikhil is going to enjoy Russian belly dance with Ishana. On Laajo’s request, Rishi goes shopping with her. Laajo tells Nikhil about the same and gifts him a shirt.

Express Entertainment Drama | Dil e Nadaan – Episode 71

Kunal and Nikhil’s friends discuss about them and Ishana. Sara Ali Khan was in the news a lot recently for a picture where she was all packed up to leave her mom Amrita Singh’s house. One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Anshuman meets Nikhil on the way. Logistics to be the backbone of economic activity of India: For more videos, subscribe to Congress Party channel: In order to spend some time with Siddharth, Aisha lies to Barkha that she is going to meet Sangeeta. Follow this simple cardio circuit on empty stomach.


Laajo wants to take care of Nikhil, but Shaila forbids her. Barkha insists Nikhil to introduce Laajo to everyone. It aims to filter and provide news-on-the-run for an impatient new generation. However, he hesitates to do the same. How to recover deleted files from pendrive and sd card or computer telugu How to recover deleted files from pendrive and sd card or computer telugutechtuts iSkysoft Data Recovery – http: By Harry views.

How will Nikhil react with Laajo henceforth? Barkha becomes elated on learning that Nikhil is furious with Laajo. By Indian Bureaucracy views. By Pragya TV views. Nikhil urges Ishana to enjoy Russian belly dance with him. She asks Rishi to apologise to Samrat.

22nd July – Gustakh Dil Episode Dailymotion Video ~ InzDrama

Laajo manages to hide the newspaper from Barkha. Shreeya and Ishana discuss about Nikhil. She insists Nikhil to wear the shirt she gifted him on Valentine’s Day.

Ishana and Kunal spend gustakhh good moments together. Ishana’s mother becomes glad on learning about her well-being. By Ministry of External Affairs, India views. Aisha becomes disappointed with Siddharth’s behaviour, as he tries to ill-treat her.

Will Nikhil be able to rescue Aisha? Gustakh Dil – 15th November – Ep 75 Aisha worries as Siddharth’s friends fail to join their trip.


What will happen to Aisha? Barkha becomes glad on seeing Nikhil and Ishana’s affinity. The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting.

Rishi shares gustaku feelings with Laajo. Barkha informs Sunaina that she has invited Mrs. Make sure to share this video! Samrat and Aparna become elated on meeting and show their concern for each other. Laajo remains sad on thinking about them.

Nikhil calls Shreya and asks her to take care of Ishana. Samrat thanks Laajo for showing her concern towards his family. Ravi strives to get Aisha and Siddharth married. Ada kesempatan terbuka untuk kontestan yang belum terpilih apa bila ada coach yang eksklusif menyelamatkannya, karena setiap coach berhak untuk men-SAVE kontestan di dalam teamnya, dan coach lain juga bekesempatan untuk men-STEAL kontestan dari coach lain ke dalam teamnya.

By Catch News views. Barkha suspects Aisha and Siddharth’s relationship.

To know more, keep watching Gustakh Dil