Wow so cute chechi. Anjali jokes about Granny being partial to Arnav – she never gave her such a gift – so Shyam offers to take her wherever she wants after the birth of their child. He says that they were only shouting because he was inside and Khushi by the pool, and Khushi nods her affirmation when Anjali turns back to her. Arnav Khushi Saga by Candy Writer. Khushi twists her hands together, nervous. Akash and Payal are the first to enter Raizada Mansion, which has been redecorated with a coastal theme. Asr pulls her towards: He brings up the way they were married.

He holds it out of reach, Khushi stretches to retrieve it, and slowly, the moment turns into something else. Ruhi drl… nice idea… lv you… im sooo hpy dat arnv recognise kushi as her mom… awww lv it…. I get messages expressing disappointment that Nani and Di stopped shipping Arnav and Khushi as they used to, whereas Bua-ji and Garima shipped them a lot after marriage. Arshi 27th Oct – 8: Khushi offers the envelope, refusing to look at him as she mentions that Nani gave it to them. After Mr Patel leaves, Filthy! Horror, at the thought of Di seeing Khushi and him like this, leaches into his expression, and his eyes silently plead with his wife. Bt i am feeling bad fr bth khushi and paro.

Sravs 26th Oct – 8: Along with sanky and mickey, even I am thinking at that tie what might be on next sunday.!!

“Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon” Episode # (TV Episode) – IMDb

And khushi gave amazing ans to raman and his reaction was epic. Nifa 26th Oct – 7: Stanley Chigozie Public Figure. Arshi 27th Oct peisode 8: Arnav towers over Khushi, his pain clear in his eyes, Nothing will happen to her.

Shyam not conditioned her. Raman y u disturb our lv birds. She yells out, and he startles upright and before helping her off the bed. Shyam offers to take her wherever she wants after the birth of their child. Aur mein toh tang ah chukki ho zabardast damakedar kehkar. I also love that Nani called her Sanka Devi.


They look at each other, both wishing it was real. Just like she once hid the bruises he left on her arms.


I have never failed. What she has forced him to become. Even I am sad for my condition.!! I only want you Khushi-ji.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

Akash and Payal share a moment, looking at the contents of their envelope, as Shyam stammers through an explanation about 5 star hotels and limousines and candle lit dinners – apparently he organised it. The family that eats together, prays together, stays together! Saying that she also thinks something is odd, she suggests they speak to Granny. Shyam and the audience, which I find weird. Anjali leaves, summoned by her husband through HariPrakash, but is quickly replaced by Lakshmi.

He coaxes a bewildered Arnav out of the car, urging Akash to disembark too, as Khushi and Payal stare in shock.

Khushi has become my life, and now, only one thing stands in our way: Khushi somehow misses the men having a stare off, and Arnav disengages to watch her lie to his sister some more. In contrast, Akash and Payal urge each other to use ky bathroom first, with Payal even handing Akash his change of clothes. Shyam smirk in victory and probably figures the plan out as Anjali reappears with cash.

Shyam stammers through an explanation about 5 star hotels and limousines and candle lit dinners – apparently he organised it. He forces Khushi into his arms, spins her body against his, lifts her up and slides her down his form, touches her and forces her to touch him in return.

Anjali makes a more serious, but equally ill-thought comment that she hopes her longevity transfers to Khushi.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Thnx dear… me and chanu were waiting for ur next chappy… psot it soon dear???? His voice is carefully controlled, though he just about shakes from the effort of holding it all in.


Success Chigozie – Aocoed added 5 new photos. White daisies for Payal and red roses for Khushi, given kta her by Shyam. Next post Previous post. Watch the episode here.

But he hates himself so much more, and he abhors what he has become. Arnav calls her, demanding answers, and is told that he and Akash are not to come inside without their wives, who should be arriving any moment now.

Kumud 26th Oct – 8: Khushi kneels to tell her friend that Anjali got emotional when Khushi was only being flippant about dying, and at the wardrobe, Arnav turns. The next morning, Shyam mentions that they cannot force the newlyweds to go to Bali and Manorama looks at a travel catalogue.

She gives him her hand, and he uses it to tug her close. I lv dis part. Tagged with ipkknd iss pyaar ko kya naam draa myipkkndrewatch.

Is pyar ko kya naam doon

He wrenches the things out of her hands. Akash and Payal arrive downstairs first, with him escorting her into the decorated sitting area. Shyam argues that he heard raised voices, Arnav takes a menacing step towards him, the warning clear in his tone.

His defences are back in place – seeing her and her supposed lover in the same space has hardened them.

Lucky 26th Oct – ddama His eyes slide from hers, anger briefly cooling as a part of him recognises what she was about to say. After insulting Payal and almost reducing her to tears, Mami deigns to look at the speech.

Arnav joins everyone outside to suggests that Shyam was mistaken. Arre woh episode kaise bhool sakte hai…. The rage gone, he opens the door, reaches for her, taking her name.