She asks Sung-hoon to steal it first, casually adding that he can do whatever he wants with it — maybe even cure himself. Dramanice was registered with Loopia AB on September 29, The Bunker Season 6 Episode 8 3 years ago. TM July 27, at 4: Herlene July 26, at 9: Actually, after rescuing Soo-yeon, with recovered memory Sung-Joon could have just go to Sung-Hoon to sort things out. They should have made both Hoon and Joon meet sooner and I kinda expected this to happen so it was surprising to me that we had to wait until the last 2 episodes.

He had lost hope and there wasn’t anything to live for. Giving everything he has, he struggles to help a woman whose life was destroyed because of him. A true romantic comedy, this drama had me at the first episode. May 23, at I mean, the show was begun with it! Watch Coffee Prince Episode 1 online at Dramanice. The story line reminds me of cheese in the trap, maybe its because those have the same background, campus student life.

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My most anticipate drama: A housewife too nice for her own good is married to an unemployed husband. In fact, if I could describe its vibe, it’s more of a reminiscent of older dramas think like the s ones or earlierbut given all of these, I still came to like this drama SOOOOOO who knows, you might end up, if dramaniice liking, even bromancw it!!!

Namiko-chan really was something else back there. We have reached the end ofso many interesting Korean dramas that have been airing this year one of the most favorite is the brojance comedy genre, and this is the best romantic comedy This drama recount the account of a man who is notwithstanding passing does all that he can in his last days to help a lady whose life he destroyed.

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Sung-hoon smiles at the gasping, gurgling, and dying chairman. Trust kdramas to wring the last bromacne drop from the viewers’ eyes, though I would’ve preferred that the sadistic chairman died slowly and painfully from the cancer eating up his body. The Emmy Awards have officially concluded and the small screen’s A-listers were dressed to the drmaanice and rubbing Outstanding Drama Series.

Watch other episodes of Dragon Club Series at Kshow Filming began on June and finished November. I assume the scene in the preview does not make it into the final editalso to serve as a speculative red herring to mislead viewers. I agree with you. You can see episodes 1 and 2 are released.

Free Korean Drama and movies Drama: Please also share these …Nice Witch EngSub: When Sung-Joon was questioning the meaning of his existence and his identity in life, it ended up with Deuk-Chun encouraging to just live the way he wants to. No one forced him to tell Deuk-chun where Sung-joon was. Set in UK, Drama follows the hilarious yet enthralling journey of a funeral director, who sets out to fulfill the final wish of one of his clients.

Nice Witch has been a guilty pleasure of mine and I think once you’ve finished watching this, you’ll understand why. I’m just glad that the brothers got to reunite.

TM July 26, at Kang Ha Ri Song Seung Hun is a veteran conman from a family of investigators who was born bold and gifted with words. Did he actually croak? I think deep down he knew that he had gone too far to live as like a normal human being”.

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Drama, Family, Historical, life, Romance Description: The show gave itself a reward by casting the amazing Yang Se-jong! What the heck — make it easy: Like to add some scientific consistency as Mi Rae can’t donate bone marrow for both him and Soo Yeon so kill him off that way we don’t have to deal with how to save him.

Regarding SJ’s lost memory, I also agree with hannaehh that he was given drug dramsnice SH that wiped out his memory. Sign up for free!.


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There are things that makes me unsatisfied about this ending. But I don’t think the source of his amnesia is of much significance though. I really 61 as well,the BGM is amazing,better later than never as they did with Tunnel. In his last moments he redeemed himself and finally forgave Sung Joon.

This romantic drama is loosely based on a true story of a couple who sailed into a hurricane in and Watch lastest Episode and download Nice Witch online on KissAsian.

Its sounds like they pulled a “W” on Mi-Rae. Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Coffee Prince with subtitle in English. Roll on 9 July ! Cantonese That was a Taiwanese drama. TM July 27, at 4: The cast include some of my favorite veteran actors as well as young talents.

Her superior scoffs at that story, and she hands over dgamanice evidence of the current-day surrogate mothers, pregnant with genetically engineered fetuses.

But then he realized he was just as bad as everyone else since he thought of himself as nothing more than a clone, and had given up on living like a real person. Dance Sports Girls Other name: JuSo July 26, at Was she some sort of plot device? I followed the story wondering why he got amnesia at the 1st place.

Download Nice Witch with English Subtitles: Giving everything he has, he struggles to help a woman whose life was destroyed because of him. In celebration of their 14th-anniversary, Joy News 24 held a couple of fun surveys for the ‘Best Drama of ‘ and the ‘Worst Drama of Naked Teenager 8.

Such a bittersweet ending and mainly because of the loss of Sung Hoon