To put it across more aptly, the desire of victory or success doesn’t seem to bother him much at all. Thankfully Jingook’s father is showing a bit more decency. Ashley February 15, at And I realize I am dreadfully slow on the uptake regarding K’s identity. Ergo, Coppee Prince or Pashion Show. Kahi will be acting alongside J. That means no other agency will take her on, and her budding career is finito. That being said, tonal languages are their own beast.

Otherwise I’d be lost completely. The first episode will air on January 30th. I can’t say much about Sora since I haven’t seen her act, but I’ll try watching some of her movies. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. In the old Misfit classroom, Pil-sook describes to Sam-dong how she hears pitch, and how her vocal cords understand how much they have to vibrate to produce a particular note. I am also incapable of working in any key other than C major, so if I have to come up with chords to a song, I do it in C major then transpose LOL.

Download the latest version here. Make him happy pleeeeese: I just now realized that that’s a helluva cliffhanger to have to wait an entire week for. Do you know why? I stalk this website early on a Tuesday and Wednesday hoping the recaps will come up quicker than you and GF can possibly write them.

Dream High

Impiannya hanya memiliki sebuah peternakan yang besar dan sukses. Fans already know that Jiyeon and Hyorin are the remaining two dng, but word on who the two boys at the side are has not been revealed. Mereka memang mengambil kesempatan untuk audisi bersama.


Oh-hyuk comes to collect him, and delivers him to tempoary refuge in the old basement studio, which Doo-shik has rented. There’s something uber cute about this drama that makes me cheer them on. It’s only when she could no longer be a performing singer that she once again discovered that there are other opportunities and possibilities open up to her as well. They spent so much time talking about how he can overcome his pitch issues, but did they talk about tempo?

Ahn Sun Young Supporting Cast.

There have even been some studies showing that Tibetan tonal speakers suub speak the same word in the exact same note on different days. Mulai dari potongan rambut, accessories, gantungan kunci, tas hingga sepatu sangat berkiblat pada gaya Suzy. Jason and Pilssok are sooo cute!!! She offers to take him to the library, and he has no choice but to go along.

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And sure, Jin-gook has turned into a national gangster overnight, but Sam-dong has a bigger concern: It’s only when her popularity hits really low and she’s no longer known as a famous idol, then it began to dawn upon her what it is she really wants to do with her life. Now I don’t have perfect pitch, but I do sing and have studied piano for 13 years. It is so elusive. Eunjung adalah teman dekat Suzy yang sering kali diperlakukan sebagai pembantu, Saking tingginya rasa kagum pada Suzyfng Eun Jung mengikuti gaya Suzy dari ujung rambut sampai ujung kaki.


Taecyeon adalah sosok seorang pria tampan yang lebih memilih hidup di jalan bersama teman — temannya ketimbang hidup mewah bersama sang kakek. I hope you can enjoy it. Also, while perfect pitch exceedingly rare in the West with our stress-pitch languages, it’s much more common in the East where tonal languages are spoken.

Yeah, that one cracked me up so hard too.

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Totally can’t stop listening to “Dreaming”!! Thanks so much JB!! Love how they released an OST album this week instead of the part 1, 2, She’s drsmacrazy fast learner who can pick things up very quickly. The first episode of the most anticipated drama series will air on January 20 next year.

Awan: Dream high..

Dream High is KBS’s. But oh how I long to have dramacazy pitch; would have made aural exams so much easier. I remember people telling me that she was horrible at singing.