The festival is named for the Driftless Region in which it is set: Join our Mailing List. Milwaukee Production Company teams with Chicago Company. Andy Schatner talks about his film, Afraid of Sunrise. Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival. World Premiere of Yellow Hill: Help our local film, Yellow Hill: Please help this local production, Black Girl Training.

The festival is named for the Driftless Region in which it is set: Richards film in production! Help local filmmaker, Susan Kerns. Driftless was perhaps the most beautiful location you can imagine to show a film in. Jimmy Sammarco begins shooting his local film, On The Verge. Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival.

This region was left unscathed during the last glacial period, creating a unique landscape of rolling hills, bluffs, and deep river valleys that are dotted with quaint, historic towns. Please help this local Filmmaker. Jason Williams talks Indefinite. Patrik Beck talks about his film, Broken 201. Tony Wood talks about his film, Baden Krunk. Filmmaking in the Creative Economy.

It was well organized and an amazing experience for a young filmmaker like me. Unfortunately, there is no chance to win an award, which I know is something us filmmakers crave, but this festival won’t drain your bank account when you submit and honestly, I’m just so happy to see such a vibrant and exciting festival happening in Wisconsin and I had a memorable experience, I can’t complain too much.


Help out this local filmmaker! The Driftless Film Festival was founded by film producer Nicholas Langholff, actor Darren Burrows, and theater chain manager Jeremy Patnaude, with the help of Tri-State Tourism and the Platteville Chamber of Commerce, to showcase independent films in fetsival venues, while enriching the community with face-to-face interaction with the filmmakers.

They Came from Underground. Bai Ling to form production company with Milwaukee filmmaker to film western.

World of Women Film Festival set to open

Help these local filmmakers. Between the Festigal and Rise. Kenosha News on Carlo Treviso’s Freeborn. The Stranger’s Tale is Nov 10th. Neptune screening Jan 7th. Help a filmmaker who has helped others.

The festival is held in the magnificent Mineral Point Opera House with fun and unique opportunities to network at the events at the end of the night. Sam Kozel Film Work Shops. Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz talks about her film Gold 201.

Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival. Once a year, the Driftless Film Festival brings together the best of new independent cinema with the rolling hills, artistic energy, and local atmosphere of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.


Richards film in production! Help this local filmmaker.

Please help this local film, Zombie Frat House. Knitt talks about his films, Hitchhicker’s Trade and SpringLoaded.

Electronic Press Kit workshop this Thursday. Upload Photo Remove Cover Photo.

I would say I had equal fun being a part of the festival as I did exploring the surroundings! Milwaukee Production Company teams with Chicago Company. About Awards Reviews Photos.

Fran Kaplan talks about her film, Honey-Colored Boy. The Milwaukee Short Film Festival. The Amateur Monster Movie screens this Saturday. Short Film Festival Parking Info.

World of Women Film Festival set to open – IF Magazine

I loved the atmosphere with all the people and could network very well. Milwaukee Short Film Festival-Submissions. Elise Plakke talks about her film, 14 Minutes.