My producer Evan Cassidy has lifted the comedy alliance to a completely new level, the Brea Improv level. We set a funding goal and deadline. Brooks is one of the funniest comedians I’ve seen and I predict BIG things from him in the near future! Will Couch describes his journey into parallel universes through what he describes as infinite wormholes. For those who do give; thank you!!!! If the project falls short, no one is charged. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers’ credit cards are charged when time expires. Being able to pay the talented people on my team will guarantee us success.

But he already quit his job and he has his grand vision, so he presses on. Clean 58 The Band – Innocent Addicts. PDF of the script 4. The budget will roughly be spent like this: I’m rambling to myself, basically podcast freestyle mode, off the top of the dome. Clean 76 Andrew Santa Maria. Evan Cassidy, The Cinematographer: Go out and start your own show, of course.

The wise, insightful and many times crazy sounding ramblings from Fighgmaster Couch. The death part is particularly funny! Mind blowing, I can’t contain myself right now.

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I’m scatter brained but I’m also a filmmaker so I’m going to have to ask you to back up. Fughtmaster just kept going, and every show got a little better and his audience got a little bigger until after twenty-something shows, he had 30 people crammed into his bedroom and had racked up hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

We go through each show and figure out the nominations for the 1st Annual Duke’s World Emmy’s If the project falls short, no one is charged. We just set up shop in the lobby and let At the end of the day, though, the biggest lesson that I took is that this is what risk actually looks like most of the time. In the past, all the participants in my creations have been volunteers.


7 things I learned about startups from Duke Fightmaster

Funding period Apr 1, – May 1, 30 days. Clean 42 Thomas Kellogg. If people like the project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Evan and I fkghtmaster to Jake about growing up with a Dad who is a professional movie director and a mother who is a comic.

Duke’s World

I’ll try not to beat him up next time I talk to him. Watch New Duke’s World episodes each Monday! I drove up to LA and interviewed Brooks Wheelan at his comedy mansion! The ending of this series is up to you! Drew Mercury joins me in Zach’s bedroom slash the talk show room to have a discussion on comedy. Being able to pay the talented people on my team will guarantee us success. Brendan Woodruff showed up at the Rib Joint, my thursday night anarchy format comedy show and we hung out afterwards talking about polyamory, comedy and filmmaking.

I love comics with passion and he is a man with passion for the craft. Daniel Eachus is a dedicated funny comic who I beleive has a very bright future. The budget will roughly be spent like this: Will Couch takes us back. Clean 71 Daniel Eachus.

Clean 23 Scott Yarborough. Brush shoulders with the cast and crew with an invitation to the premiere and after party. We are all Duke. Clean 46 Adam Hastings. He met me at the Rib Joint for a conversation about comedy and then did some anarchy format stand up.


Clean 54 The DW Emmy’s. Learn all the comedy secrets in this podcast. Clean 74 Duke Fightmaster movie update. Making this movie has been a long time dream and your contribution is helping to fulfill the dreams of many creative and talented individuals.

Email me dukefightmaster yahoo.

This is insane comic genius. Duke’s wife is going to be a household name very soon! Jake Adams, The Aspiring Writer: He gives Evan and I all kinds of insight regarding the road, the comedy club audition process, and acting.

I love his work ethic and his love for the art. Shayne Michael joins me in a dark alley to talk comedy, hardship, and cancer.

Then I drove to Burbank, while podcasting. Nathan Camp visits ifghtmaster spare bedroom for a discussion about comedy, homelessness, and his devotion to Christ. Clean 31 Dustyn Willoughby – Duke Fightmaster. Scott Blacks makes his way into my roommates bedroom for a discussion on comedy, writing and life.

I have recently reconnected with my friend from high school, Jeremy Webb, who is now participating in a few of my creative projects. Clean 24 Nathan Camp. I invite comedian Evan Cassidy over to the yoga room for a chat.

7 things I learned about startups from Duke Fightmaster – Ryan Waggoner

You have entered the strang yet fascinating world of Duke Fightmaster. Clean 41 Lee Levine.

I finally got some medicine and started to feel better. I’m just doing it to do it baby!