Aban hands over one lakh twenty thousand rupees to him for the moment but Arjun leaveswith another warning to return to them again. Ashish share a romantic time with each other as they confess their feeling to each other. Sayan and Mirchi are a newly-wed couple and Sayan has seven sisters. Will Arjun allow Gublu to celebrate Saraswati puja peacefully with Aban? Gautam tells everyone that he had managed money for Labu’s education abroad. Arjun Mallik notices the same and immediately starts making plans of separating Aban from Gublu.

Dwiragaman – Episode – February 29, – Full Episode. Aban calls up Ishani to inform her that Arjun had arrived at their house. Dwiragaman – Episode – March 10, – Full Episode. He announces that Sraboni’s operation has been successful. Sharbani along with her entire family arrive a Ishani’s house for the reception function. Will Neha and Madhura now leave this house?

Meanwhile Sraboni starts losing confidence in herself as compared to Dr.

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Dwiragaman – Dwiragamxn Dwiragaman – Episode – February 23, – Full Episoce. Dwiragaman – Episode – March 9, – Full Episode. Ishani tells Aban that Arjun asked for a sum of fifty lakh rupees to leave her.

Meanwhile, Sraboni along with others gets excited about receiving the new born babies home after Michri gets discharged from the hospital. Dwiragaman – Episode – March 2, – Full Episode. Dwiragaman – Episode – February 19, – Full Episode. Dwiragaman – Episode – March 4, – Full Episode.


Meanwhile, Ishani and Aban share a dwwiragaman time with each other. She immediately tells the same to Gautam who calls up at Ishani’s house episove reconfirm if Ishani was at home or not. What will Ishani do now? All the family members gather at the hospital for Sraboni’s operation. Stay tuned to know what happens next. Labu apologizes to Sraboni for her behaviour in the past. They both get worried for Ishani thinking that Arjun might be blackmailing her for something allover again.

Sraboni refuses to get her leg operated after knowing that Labu was not in favour of her treatment.

Arjun then goes o Sharbani’s house and starts troubling the family members forcing Ishani to leave her house and visit him. While Saraswati puja preparations continue at Ishani’s house, Arjun calls her up to spend the day with him. Dwiragaman – Episode – February 22, – Full Episode.

At Aban and Ishani’s house everyone is shown happy with Saraswati puja celebrations. Michi falls ill from the excess of work and pressure of Ishani’s wedding. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

Dwiragaman – Episode – February 25, – Full Episode. Dwiragaman – Episode – February 20, – Full Episode.

Meanwhile, Joyonto makes arrangements for Labu’s studies abroad and his business trip to Germany. Michri on the other hand continue to strive to prove her father innocent. Will Neha episodd Madhura now leave this house?

Arjun Mallik also arrives in the meantime at Shibani’s house to spoil their mood. Dwiragaman – Episode – February 24, – Full Episode.



Stay tuned to know more. What will Madhura do now? Will Mridul start keeping and eye dwirabaman Ishani now? Dwiragaman – Episode – February 26, – Full Episode. He returns back to Joyonto to clarify this matter and gets handed over to the local police in return. Dwiragaman – Episode – March 5, – Full Episode. Ishani frustrated and tierd of hiding Arjun’s calls from her in-laws breaks down.

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Sharbani along with her entire family arrive a Ishani’s house for the reception function. Aban and Ishani, unable to find a solution to Arjun’s constant threats remain tensed. He realises that Joyonto had also used a vanishing ink pen to sign the cheque just the way he had once signed the divorce papers. The story revolves around the relationship between Michri and her seven sisters-in-law. How long will Arjun continue to threat Ishani and Aban?

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Joyonto returns home and starts questioning Michri about Narayan. This is when Michri tells Sharbani about Sraboni’s childhood relationship with the doctor. She then coaxes Gautam to take Sraboni’s relation seriously and explains the same to Sharbani.