The film started off in a very unusual manner with the protest against the dumping of garbage in a rural area. What struck me was the inclusion of dark comedy in the second half. But Baiju and Tanushree Ghosh work wonders and have been able to strike a chord with the discerning viewer! Vishnu, the protagonist, played by Indrajith is an all purpose utility man: And in order to the set the ball rolling, the director takes his own time. There are plenty of loops and turns in the story but there is an element of credibility in them all and the viewer’s intelligence is taken seriously by the film maker. I believe all the actors have performed their roles perfectly. A serial killer is lurking in the streets stalking his prey.

Second half is better and engaging though not so great. There are loop holes in the story,but then the way it has been written is raw, blunt, tight and gripping. I remember the film had fine sound recording especially in the scenes where the doctor’s wife is flirting with the young man. Release Date 24 FEB Life is like a Rubik cube. The director has also managed to extract superlative performances from the others. Gimi George and Baiju have not disappointed.

The movie brings in many contemporary social issues in the plot, all very brilliantly knitted. Sun Nxt Drama Thriller Movies. Neither is true and that leaves you disappointed in the end. Must Watch Malayalam Movies Post Google Play Drama Movies. Ee Adutha Kaalath Alternate Title: He is dashing, drives around in a bike and speaks Malayalam in bits and peaces.

Ramani, his wife, played by Mythili, does not think too highly of him and justifiably so. Contrary to the recent experiencesEe Adutha Kalathu, is one movie in which this technique has been used pretty well.


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Only flaw that was annoying more than anything was film’s wwatch which could’ve sorted out with clever editing. Coupled with the all round performance of the actors, “Ee Adutha Kalathu” is a remarkably refreshing and sensitive movie making a candid statement of life in the cities. The narrative is patterned like a Rubik’s Cube; it’s a brainy entertainer that mixes various genres.

The multi-plot threads ialathu always gripping and thrilling, the character sketching being too substantial for this mode of story telling. The director has done a good job in keeping the scriptwriters vision intact. A nice attempt to create something different but it hasn’t come out well. The visuals by Shehnad Jalal are of high quality and helps in improving the quality of the onilne.

It was released in and has a runtime of minutes. Although Tanushree lip syncing was a bit let down. Tanushree Ghosh was a bit of a let down with her Bengali accent.

We only link to kalatgu streaming services which buy content from original copyright holders. The background score by Gopi sundar saves the movie many a time from getting drowned. It is also very realistically taken, with excellent acting on the part of all actors. Google Play Movies. Watch it once or twice. Director Arun Kumar Aravind has come out with his second arutha “Ee Adutha Kalathu” and the screen play is written by Murali Kxlathu for whom this is a second endeavour as well.

Rustam Nishan has come to the city on a contract and lives in a rented room among the migrant workers. Gopi Sundar Music director.


It was a great account of a profoundly sick society with multiple narratives featuring characters from many walks of life. Joy and sorrow, anxiety and humour, fear and courage, we witness the different emotions and the different ways of dealing with them.

Drama Thriller Malayalam Movies. Story revolves around the lives of a rag picker, a wealthy buy unhappy old time heroine and a few criminals who get entwined with each other and how kalatgu deal with it.

In the process, they have to fight off the loan sharks as well. And his love Roopa, played by Lena, is equally ambitious as a no-holds-barred journalist. It would rather have been more apt to have that sentence mouthed by someone in the movie, just before the end when the pieces are all finally falling into place.

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Arunkumar Aravind has created a different movie, relevant, yet attractive and the technical excellence has to be appreciated. Dear Murali Gopi, it was a great script by you, exposing the phoniness of the Malayali middle and upper classes. You seem to be slightly sympathetic towards the RSS.

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