He says you are not keeping your promise. On Oct 15, Poonam opens the door and asks him about the thief. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Paki pretends that she is hurt on the table. Astha says I m sorry mum, but I m saying the truth, I did not know this would happen, why would I lie to you, but till you say yes, my happiness will be incomplete, please agree to this. Akash says I will come. Niranjan and Anjali leave and Shlok is alone with Astha.

Kalindi asks Astha did you think before taking this decision. Welcome, Login to your account. He says I m waiting and eats the sweets. Poonam smiles and says good night Akash. He asks Anjali why is she upset. Niranjan says pandit has given the mahurat after 10 days. Kalindi says are you sure and gets emotional. Kanno tries to keep him busy.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Diviyah says look at kalpi you have brought her up too she studies she is always first in her class. Last updated Oct 18, All kids are not same. He says this pillows line is our limit. On Oct 15, Vitthal says to her have you punished bansunga daughter or your ownself? The next morning, Prabhunath is worried about his house. He puts a pillow and she shouts Akash please. She says the thief vhar be in the house.



Like 0 Dislike 0. Kalindi says he might never be with Astha always. Who will teach her? She says lets go inside, I want to talk to you.

Astha says no, not now. Akash says sorry to Poonam as his leg went out of the line. He says now its your turn, say it.

Raghu thinks what to do? Kalindi wipes her tears.

Akash looks everywhere for the thief with Kanno. Diviyah says why have you called me here? I have made her like this. Vandana and Prabhunath are shocked. Shlok is talking to Astha and says let me guess, you are thinking about me. Astha says I love you. She says I will bring sweets. She has made kamla her God, you are growing up poki you should stay away from servants.

Atul tells Niranjan that I know your family has everything, we are lucky to have a relation with your family, but the situation is making me afraid.

He says Kanno misunderstood. A password will be e-mailed to you. Astha says I m sorry mum, I…. Shivani asks for Raghu. He asks her not to worry as they are good friends. He says I will break my limit.


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He wishes her good night and turns off the lights. Nettu says because of Kamla the great teacher i hired left.

Anjali makes Kalindi eat the sweets. He says what happened, I was giving you a pct. Kanno smiles as she has won in her goal of separating Akash and Poonam. Anjali is angry and looks on.

Niranjan tells Shlok Written m very happy today as you have moved ahead of your past forgetting Swati. He says not everyone are lucky to select their life partner. Maya says let it be, Raghu is her servant and why she will wear the mangalsutra for the servant. He sees Poonam is not there.