One time you gave your hand to the fire, but the second time you won’t be the only one hurted. Let’s go out to drink sth. It narratives the life of Feriha Yilmaz, a young and beautiful girl who is a door keeper’s daughter. I don;t want to know anything about emir. I admitted Emir have to move on in his life and he could not kept mourning ovr feriha’s death whole life. Then why do you bow down to my blacmailing.

If hazal was having other contracts to do.. I am sorry, I didn’t want to give you false information. Anonymous April 21, at 9: I won’t risk myself to protect neither you from emir nor emir from you. Please finish this night here Eg; I knew you would say NO. I am without solution G: Amyra May 24, at It became a huge success.

We heard a pop and dnglish they had those words. Tell me what reminds you being here G: Anonymous June 9, at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Emir is the first time we don’t know what to do to each other E: Personality, I think this series should not have been given a third season and the fact that it was episofe without anything getting resolved made it even worst.


I wished they could continue this series now with feriha and emir together.

I know gunes isn’t here H: I was worried about hande, couldn’t saty anymore in the boutique. I didn’t know that you’re still metting with my son G: BT in summaries nothing as such is written? The series was cancelled, this is why we can’t see the whole action anymore.

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How can he s easily give her place to another women in his heart. I am with him because I want to. We can’t because we know his past with Feriha. I am glad season 3 have to stop and not broadcasted in other countries. I will work with emir?? But I am not the person whom she has to explain those things K: I have to answer, but we’ll talk about pinar Engliwh I can’t episde such links, it’s against google policy.

Muchas gracias por tu blog. The series was intended for much more episodes than 8. Everyone will make gossip about be. I watch I think it’s the Russina ending where the show ends with Feriha and Emir dancing and then cuts to happy scenes of them.


Emir’in Yolu

You can easily find it, it’s on timeline, just scroll the page a little. Isn’t this a little much E: There are on youtube, in Russian.

I’ll call you Eg: I don’t go near my TV now. I want to clarify one thing which is. Don’t you have courage to say why you came.

I gave my word to be near you mister engin. I don;t want to talk about anything. The series was broadcast on Show TV.

Views Read Edit View history. I said to him you are lef-confident but you’re behaving exactly how emir wants. They are showing us someone else here and streching the story to make some other lady as it lead in place of feriha.