Their worst case scenario happened: General Bayan deliberately ran into Tangqishi to snatch the key and drop it on the floor. He tried to wake her up but she did not open her eyes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Wang Yu immediately knew that something went wrong. General Bayan and Taltal found the arrangement strange since it meant that a secret transaction had been made. Spring Turns to Spring episode 8 1 day ago. Wang Yu was full of worry as he looked at Sungnyang.

His enemies would kill each other and create chaos among themselves. He remembered a girl who protected her mother with her own body. Wang Yu approached the unconscious Sungnyang and called her name. He ran after Sungnyang, blocked her way, and brought her into an empty room. Ta-hwan took his knife out and ordered Sungnyang to kill him but Sungnyang just dropped the knife. All they had to do was to wait for the Prime Minister to drink the poisoned wine. Meanwhile, the top military officials have started to arrive.

Eunuch Bang urged Moo-sung to join them instead, hinting that Moo-sung should know how to read between the lines. They wondered why Wang Yu was suddenly close with the Empress Dowager. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He told Sungnyang not to worry since he would be back soon.

Empress Ki

The Koryo Team was on their way out of the palace eager eppisode have a drink and enjoy their little field trip dramfaire Ta-hwan saw them from afar. She embraced him and said that she had never hated him. Reality just hit him hard. Hong-dan told Sungnyang that Court Lady Seo had been preparing the tea for the Empress which started a few days ago. Tangqishi would wake up half a day later.

It was clear that both of them thought about the same thing but had different plans. Ta-hwan felt really sad and lonely as he witnessed Sungnyang laugh with Wang Yu and his men. He immediately sat-up eager to see Sungnyang only to find Yeon-hwa before him.


She remembered the day that Dok-man taught her how to prepare the tea and the day she served it to Yeon-chul. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He had fought with Yeon Chul during the war dramfaire was considered the most loyal. I never really thought about the effects that the drama had on me but I have realized that my routine changed Wang Dramzfire ordered her tell him if she was hurt or tired and not to endure it like a fool.

Ta-hwan went to see the Empress Dowager, who was more worried that the Emperor went to her quarters.

He asked his late father to watch the person who killed him vomit in blood while his children cried tears of blood. As he cupped her face in his hands, he told her not to pretend to be strong.


She asked him if it was because of her. Sungnyang feared that the maid drank real poison.

Tanashiri assured them that her father was getting better but Ta-hwan knew that the old man would be barely alive by that time. Empress Ki Episode 1 – kissasian. He just wanted her to see how incompetent her master was and why he was called the Emperor.

She went out of her ik to greet Wang Yu but he had his back on her as he talked about General Bayan and Taltal. Ta-hwan was satisfied to hear the news.

He told them that Wang Yu just joined forces with Yeon-chul which could only mean that they were up to no good.

Ta-hwan stopped Sungnyang from going after Wang Yu and asked her if she wanted to be implicated as an accomplice. The Last Empress episode 25 1 day ago. She wondered if Wang Yu had something to do with the strange curse document.


Wang Yu and his team were having a little celebration since it would just be a matter of time before they could all go back to their hometown. Unknown to him, Taltal and General Bayan had already caught-up with his plan. However, he assured them that they would be rewarded accordingly. A smart plan but not an easy task.

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On his way out, Yom Byongsu suspected that the chief was definitely hiding something from him. At the Koryo village, someone bald was taking a bath.

Ta-hwan assured her that Yeon-chul would die for sure. Ta-hwan was speechless and wondered how something like that would happen. The Empress Dowager was furious and vowed that she would never to forget the day that she was locked in her quarters.

Taltal bought another bottle and showed it to General Ku. He saddened upon hearing the news that Yeon-chul had just passed away as he gave his respects to the dead Prime Minister.

Wang Yu added that the one who killed Jopsol would probably be General Bayan as well. He needed someone to fan up the fireā€¦.

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He tried to wake her up but she did not open her eyes. Ta-hwan took his knife out and ordered Sungnyang to kill him but Sungnyang just dropped the knife.

How can she be so heartless? Jeombakyi complemented Sungnyang on the beautiful pin that was on her hair.