The 12 remaining players prepare for the Partner Selection, although Briana Vega steadfastly refuses to be paired with Kyle Curtis, leading to some drama. Dakota helps Orange deceive Taylor about their strategy at Temple, but it fails, as they become the fourth team eliminated. The Final 3 design a 3-legged race type of game, where the teams, with their ankles tied together, have to knock down 5 team-colored cubes off a barrel at the same time, before grabbing three blocks and making their way through the rope obstacle course. The last remaining team wins. FAQs Submission not showing up? In the end, the Blue Team wins their second mission, putting them in the lead with three pieces.

Into The Blue 3. A Star Is Born 4. The 14 remaining players prepare for the partner selection challenge, and almost every guy wants Jacquelynn Pointer as their partner, especially Wayne Williams. This time, the contestants stand on a platform while holding onto a bar. Submit a new text post. Ultimately, Green gives Red the Samadhi, which reveals that only one member can play the next Temple Mission, who ends up being Jonathan. In the third Endurance Mission, the boys must shoot cannonballs to their partners to clear three different levels, with the winner receiving the Commitment and Discipline pyramid pieces, as well as control of the Samadhi.

The challenge requires each team to transport water in bowl with two sticks through an obstacle course to a barrel on the far end, and the winner will be determined by one team’s flag going up, indicating that they have enough water in their barrel.

In the end, Erika proves her strength yet again by winning the challenge for the Red Team, sending Purple and Green to the temple the second time Purple has visited the temple.

I know the treehouses they painted in E5 were torn down shortly after production ended: The powerful Blue Team wins for a sixth time, and decides to trade their trip to Africa for the Amazon. The last team is the winner. For the mental game, Ben, Lauren and Leslie must match trios of the names of Endurance pyramid pieces, and whoever clears their board first wins control of one team going to the Temple of Fate.


But there definitely is strategy on deciding which teams to handicap and which teams to put up for elimination. It all depends on when the guy who is filming them emails it to us: Season 4, Episode 14 March 25, I wonder where they are now lol. Crazy to me that Endurance has been off the air for almost 10 years and that there are still people like myself obsessed with it The final two teams compete for the remaining pieces in hopes of gaining an advantage to win. The Brown and Purple Teams battle each other while ensuring their hatred of Blue, Yellow confirms a Top 5 plan with Brown and Green, Calley talks about bullying on the beach, and the Brown Team shocks the Blue Team by giving them the Samadhi, giving them a second delay before starting the Temple Mission.


The teams face their first mission: By nightfall, they depart the camp and take one last trek through the bamboo forest to the Temple of Fate— in the championship, the Gray team wins all 12 pyramid pieces in five rounds, becoming the champions of Endurance: Same with harassment that crosses channels, either way — this too will be dealt with by warnings and bans.

If their bags are on the platform, that team gets to eliminate any team who missed theirs.

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But first, the competitors must compete for the right to stay on the island, and by the end of the day, 6 of the 20 strangers will be eliminated before the game even begins. At the Temple, Blue becomes the first team to survive three trips to the Endurancd of Fate, and Red becomes the fifth team eliminated.

She really needs to try! In the final Endurance 4 Mission, the Red and Purple teams must compete for the Friendship piece, and the tehafhapi pieces that the Green Team left behind: In the challenge, the players must memorize a sequence of four colored coconuts, with only six racks.

Whoever finishes first receives only one teavee nut in their color, with the second-place team receiving five nuts and the third-place team receiving ten nuts. However, when it’s time to give the Samadhi out, J. Never epiisode but I can dream it put an idea in her head right?

Ultimately, Orange shockingly decided to send a team to Temple, which ended up being the Yellow Team. Much drama ensues with Taylor’s refusal to be paired enurance Garret, and some contestants even contemplate having them as a team to be an easy target. Want to add to the discussion?

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Impromptu Endurancs Bledsoe pt. A Star Is Born 4. In the end, the Yellow Team wins earning the Luck piece and the Samadhi. I wanted to be on it so bad, but the year I was finally eligible was the year it went on “hiatus. Going into the final competition, both teams are tied with five pieces Blue has their Courage piece, the Knowledge piece, the Discipline piece, Green’s Commitment piece and Orange’s Luck piece; Yellow has their Perseverance piece, Gray’s Trust piece, Gray’s Heart piece, Purple’s Strength piece and Red’s Leadership piece.


Once this is cleared up, enduance teams compete in their next challenge: Due to the Samadhi, the Brown team has an extra 24 inches 2 ft added to their tower. Gray and Blue end up with the most eoisode and the Purple Team mounts their flag one second before the Red Team and wins the Temple Mission, and as expected, Gray and Blue are sent to the temple.

Hawaii and am currently having an existential crisis no big deal. Picking up where the girls’ race in the Right to Stay Challenge left off, Aeriel and Anna claim the remaining two spots, whereas Martina and Stefanie are automatically eliminated.

This time, the contestants stand on a platform while holding onto a bar. Thank you so much for this.

Endurance is a really fun show to rewatch. The long-standing conflict between Nicole and Demian climaxes during the mission, weighing Orange down significantly, and easily allowing Gray to win the two pieces in contention— the official score heading into the final Temple is Gray leading with 10 their Knowledge piece, Yellow’s Teamwork piece, Green’s Heart piece, the Courage piece, Purple’s Discipline piece, the Strength piece, Red’s Trust piece, the Luck piece and Brown’s Perseverance pieceand Orange with 2 their Leadership piece and Blue’s Commitment piece.

In the end, the Red Team wins and is locked into the Final 3, while the Blue Team leaves the competition. In the end, the Purple Team wins their first and only Endurance mission and are put onto the board with two pieces and they give the Samadhi to the Green Team, who discover two ten-pound weights hidden inside.

Despite being forced to wait 15 seconds before starting due to the Samadhi handicap, the Blue Team still manages to score another victory. I had to contact a guy from Australia which is the only country where Endurance reruns air.