Meanwhile, Jai refuses to listen to Dadi’s belief that someone is in the outhouse, which causes Bani to search for herself. Little do they know that Ranvir has a plan to throw the sisters out of the Walia Mansion. Throughout all their hardships, betrayals, and obstacles, the three sisters still maintain their relationship and love for one another. Unbeknownst to Jai, however, is that Jigyasa has mixed a few drugs in his drink. Sahil had actually stolen the money for some personal gain, and he is fired by Jai. As Ganga grows and has fun, Bani cares for her own pregnancy. In his loneliness, he gets a heart attack and his daughters rush him to the hospital.

She believes that Jai will give her more things that Pushkar could ever give. Although shocked by seeing Jigyasa caring for Rano, Bani is interrogated by Mr. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Five years have passed since Bani left the Walia mansion. Episode 2 Episode 2. Meanwhile, Ranvir becomes angry at a misunderstanding with Bani. What has caused this abrupt change in Bani?

Episode 24 Episode Episode 23 Episode Episode 29 Episode Episode 19 Episode Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail.

During the party Pushkar meets Pia and he takes an instant attraction to her, but Jigyasa’s second plan creates more distance between Bani and Pia. Ranvir blackmails Bani into signing some papers and meanhwile, Pia is invited by Pushkar to visit his house later in the evening.

Khanna did not even look at Ganga’s horoscope. Pia and Rano then force Bani to go to a party later in the day, and Pia goes along. Episode 13 Episode Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa tells Jai about Bani’s affair with Daksh. However, the face of Kasamh Sethe eldest of three sisters, and the beloved of Jai is burned to death.


Episode 27 Episode Pushkar tries to change Pia’s mind to not marry Mohan and takes her outside the mansion. As Ganga grows and has fun, Bani cares for her own pregnancy. Before epksode unhoni can happen, Bani sends a prayer to Mother Kali and begs of her to unite her with her children and gain justice.

Will Pia and Rano become sisters again? While Krishna is accused of partying at a disco, Pronita finally finishes her sixteen year old sketch. Jai Walia has become a ruthless man who believes his workers are slaves, and there is a party celebrating his th take over of a company. Meera’s and Ganga’s birthday gifts become switched up by accident, which leads to a misunderstanding by Rashi.

Episode 10 Episode Meera finally plans to kill Bani once and for all, but Jigyasa reveals herself to protect her. The doctors tell Pia and Bani that Rano needs an operation but they need to deposit three lacs.

Kasamh Se – Season 1, Episode Episode # –

Although Ksamh is very happy to here about this, her hopes are destroyed when Jai brings the three sisters back into the Walia Mansion.

Pia meets Pushkar’s family, and she is gifted a pair of bangles from his mother. After the party, Meera realizes that Jai still holds Bani close to his heart, and she plans on finding her.

However, Vidya, Rashi’s daughter, also invites Ganga. Ganga is brought into the Walia mansion, but she can’t forget about her mother. With the aid of Mother Kali, Bani is able to stand up and fight against Meera, but instead has mercy on her and does not kill Meera. Meanwhile, Jai refuses to listen to Dadi’s belief that someone is in the outhouse, which causes Bani to search for kasmah.

Arriving by her own free will at a house, she remembers three sisters and s happy moments there. Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. Rano’s birthday is kasmah up, and Pia starts to plan out a party for her. Soon, Suraj’s parents stop the marriage on the account of Jai having two wives.


Bani wakes up to break her epiwode as Bani Walia, not Pronita. After several years, Pushkar comes and meets the Walia family and wants to take Pia home so they can live together with Veer. Six months have passed since Bani’s death.

After signing these mysterious papers, Bani knows its time to talk to Pushkar about Pia’s marriage.

How can i watch Kasamh se episode 683 it is a show from zee tv?

Meanwhile, Rashi prays for her husband Ranvir in jail, but Nachiket tells her to be careful for what she wishes for. Bani and Pia then take Rano back to the Walia mansion from the hospital, but Bani soon finds out that Pushkar did not pay the balance amount at the hospital. As Bani tries to make Pia change her mind, Jigyasa tries to do the same thing to Jai. Bani spends the day praying at the temple for Ganga’s well-being, and the family tries to overcome this horrid fact. Ganga is able to save Jai from being crushed by the chandelier but she becomes upset when he doesn’t thank her.

As Meera and Jai plan to get remarried, Pronita starts to concoct a plan to ruin Meera. Upon finally seeing Meera’s face, Pronita goes into a state of shock and realizes she is Bani Walia. Heartbroken, Bani has no idea what to do, but Ganga tries to talk to Meera.

Pia was putting up a charade for several years to save her own sister. Soon, Jigyasa’a blackmailer visits her in jail.