Initially, these investments are presented at fair value. The low credit ratings may lead to higher interest rates and more restrictive financing conditions for business enterprises, including for the Company. The deferred tax is calculated on the basis of the tax rate that is expected to be effective upon the realization of the asset or the settlement of the liability. Currency risk This risk is related to the possibility of devaluation of a local currency. These policies have been consistently More information. By using the equity method, the investment in the associated company is carried in the statement of financial position at acquisition cost, plus the changes in the share in the net assets of the associated entity after the acquisition. It is absolutely crucial to be able to respond quickly if a sudden change is needed at some stage in the strategic development plan.

Broadly, the Company is focused on the industry segment 1 non-banking financial service leasing, insurance, asset management, brokerage and financial intermediation and 2 new car sales and services. These policies have been consistently applied More information. The acquirer shall classify as an asset the right to return the previously transferred consideration, if specified conditions are met. Risk related to the possible transactions between companies in the group with terms different from the market terms as well as related to the dependence on the group activity The relations with the related parties arise from contract for temporary financial aid to the subsidiary companies and regarding transactions related to the normal business activity of the subsidiary companies. Income from operations with investments Income from dividends Income from loan interest granted to subsidiaries Income from Services 2. For comparison, as of the end of the total revenues amounted to BGN 1, thousand.

The accompaning notes to the interim financial statements form an integral part of these statements 1.

These policies have been consistently applied More information. The risk management process covers all the Group s organizational levels and is aimed at identifying, analyzing and limiting risks in all areas of the Group s operations. The Company is required More information. According to it the present political environment continues to pose a challenge for the implementation of reforms needed to tackle deep-rooted institutional and economic problems and impedes growth.


The statements are presented in pounds sterling and have been prepared under IFRS using the historical cost convention. Political risk is directly related to the likelihood of unfavorable changes in the direction of governmental long-term policies.

Upon sales of fixed assets, the difference between the net book value and the sales price of the asset is reported as profit or loss in the statement of profit or lost and other comprehensive income, in Other Incomes item. Risks exist when revenues and expenditures of a firm are derived in different currencies.

Another group of indicators are related to the flow of revenues through which the payment of the company s obligations is possible. These include current analysis in the following directions: Correspondingly, this could have a negative effect on consolidated revenue growth and respectively return on equity. It may have transactions in foreign currencies or More information.

Preliminary Final report Appendix 4E Rule 4. Loans and Other Receivables Loans and receivables are non-derivative financial assets with fixed or determinable payments that are not quoted in an active market.

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Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Insurance services Health insurance services Leasing line: The main risk facing EuroHold is the possibility of decreasing revenue across business eector.

The level of such borrowed money is strictly controlled and is kept within pre-approved limits, after careful consideration of the needs of the specific business segment and the economic effect of such leverage. Revaluation of investments in subsidiaries – – Total comprehensive income for the period 1, Prepared by: Company s senior management endorses use of financial leverage by the subsidiaries to the extent it is used for new business development or as working capital facilities.

Initial Acquisition Fixed tangible assets are initially measured: Another eurohopd is the so called debt-service coverage ratio, which is an indication of the free cash flow before interest and taxes, which in turn can be used to repay and service the currently due interest components of debt. Initially, these investments are presented at fair value.


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Please note the Company s consolidated financial More information. Consolidated financial statements Page 1 4. This ratio is a good indicator of a firm s ability to service its financial liabilities. The parent company, Outokumpu Oyj, has been listed on the More information.

Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements Amounts in millions of Canadian dollars except for per share amounts and where otherwise stated.

The company has fixed the value capitalization threshold to BGNunder which acquired assets, regardless if they have the characteristics of fixed assets, are reported as current expenses at the time of acquisition thereof. The estimated useful lives by groups of assets are as follows: The accounts have been prepared under the historical cost convention as modified.

Initially, these investments are recognized at acquisition cost, which includes the amount of consideration paid for acquisition of the sectkr.

Liquidity Risk Liquidity risk is linked to the ability of the Company to service its maturing financial liabilities fully and on time. As such it has issued several tranches of public bonds traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange BSE and thus has publicly disclosed a lot of information, including certain risk considerations. Increases in general interest ling levels, ceteris paribus, would impact the cost of leverage used by the company in its business development efforts.

The Company and More information.

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Our financial statements The consolidated financial statements of plc and its lobg the Group for the year ended 31 December have been prepared in accordance with International Financial. The Company is involved in managing assets and other companies and thus cannot be specifically attributed to being exposed to one particular industry segment.

Other operating income and expenses include items of secondary character in relation to the main activity of the Company.