I Didn’t Do It — Meanwhile splinter magic causes Jake to inadvertently swap brains with Ludo’s dog. Also she likes Otto a bit in the end she finds out he likes Bella. After the founders cursed Evermoor the only chance to rescue is solving a puzzle Otto got from his father before he were banned but because of their distress it’ll have unexpected consequences. When Davorin, an evil man who is trapped inside a magic mirror, breaks Ludo into splinters, Bella and her friends must find Ludo’s splinters before wish making chaos begins across the village of Evermoor. When I asked which was Finney’s favourite part of the set, he said: She has so much support from her family. She’s the scatty and bohemian mum to Tara and Jake.

She thinks the American market will love it, and also find it a fresh element to the Disney Channel. Tara has saved her family from extinction. I asked how he thought US audiences would react to the UK element of the series. Fire Saddleworth Moor fire: Sorsha is expelled from the Circle and Otto meets a terrible fate. Edit The Evermoor Chronicles —. And has appeared on stage in the theatre and musicals.

Tim happened to be going on a trip to LA a couple of weeks later and pitched it to Disney Disnfy and they loved it as well.

Other members of the cast are: A once-in-a-generation young karate fighter named Jack joins the Wasabi warriors.


New cast members in The Evermoor Chronicles!

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Tara has saved her family from extinction. Otto 31 episodes, Crime Criminals monitored by probation contractors kill people in four years.

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See the full gallery. A new show centered on a teenage girl who takes over her Grandfathers Lodge, and befriends its teenage staff.

The Evermoor Chronicles

Drifty 1 episode, Davorin 12 episodes, Tara attempts to unmasking who started the fire in the manor and learns that she is the Supreme Everine, with the power to decide the future. Alice is nervous about her first day at Evermoor High, but when a magic splinter causes rumours about Disey to come true, she finds herself turning into a rock star on a rampage.

Meanwhile, Seb accidentally drinks the poison and collapses Over the centuries, the tapestry has predicted events that have shaped the village. When Esmerelda shows Tara the latest addition to the tapestry, Tara is devastated and unites with Seb to save their new home and their families future.

Iggi 11 episodes, Smurf Retrieved October 8, The third Founder has gone into Sorsha, but she is resisting it with her love for Seb. She left her house to her distant relative Fiona, but that’s not the end of the disnet relating to Bridget McCoy! Lifestyle all Most Read Most Recent.


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Jakey Girl 9 episodes, Dan Fredenburgh Sarah Marsh 1 episode, Bella invites Harper, a fashion vlogger, to visit, to boost her fashion cred. Cotton Lively 2 episodes, Now Cotton Lively, a trainee Everine from the 17th century who has a nasty disease, has escaped through the rip. Jakey Girl 9 episodes, Jed Crossley 12 episodes, Scarlett Evefmoor The 4 part supernatural series will tell the story of a 14 year old girl, Tara Bailey, uprooted from her Urban American home to move to to a spooky remote rural village in “middle England” with her best selling novelist mother and British stepfather.

And should have exactly the same disnwy as the adult drama, with the same production values. With no hesitation when I ask her how she chills out, she replies: He uses a magic splinter to make him a champion wrestler. They lead a peaceful life until Rhydian, a wolfblood, arrives and triggers chaos.