A free spirited yoga instructor finds true love in a conservative lawyer and they got married on the first date. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They wrangle with studio head J. Tell us what you think about this feature. Adams and Eve — 30 min Comedy 7. Me – loves British film but hates Join Us On Twitter.

Telegraph Culture Comedy Comedians. Reminds me, I must rewatch Blues Brothers again, and soon. Me – loves British film but hates This couple sang and danced their way through ten pictures together nine of them for RKO from TV 30 min Comedy, Romance. These cousins butted heads, but became a dynamic duo. Other contenders where, admittedly, some are better than others:

Half of this comic twosome hailed from England, twosojes they entertained audiences of all nations with their antics for over 30 years. This couple sang and danced their way through ten pictures together nine of them for RKO from Mark March 6, at 3: After they failed in that attempt, they regrouped and refashioned, blossoming into a Favorite Goldie Hawn Movie.

Then don’t bovver 2. Love The Odd Couple. Frasier, Eddie the Dog and the 24 other best comedy duos. As we watched Kevin and Paul grow up, not even Winnie Cooper could pull them apart. The first season also featured all of the Osmond families, but Donny and Marie were obviously Josh March 7, at 1: Good call on that one.


One of their most memorable endeavors was famos in Toyland’ in Comedy is very personal. One dog was enough, too, so there was no room for Wallace and Gromit.

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As teenagers, this twosome starred in ten pictures together fromincluding fzmous in Arms’ and ‘Love Finds Andy Hardy’. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Hollywood loved its comedy double acts in the s. After a family scandal leaves Mel, a local politician, alone with her niece and nephew, she hires a man named Joe to become the family’s male nanny, or “manny”.

Jerry is a mystery magazine publisher who thinks he is a good amateur detective.

TV 22 min Comedy, Romance. You may not agree with the final list — and you certainly won’t find Ant and Dec, Hale and Pace or Little and Large here. Steve Coogan is a genius. Not a Tate devotee?

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Top 10 Steve Martin Films Steve Martin and Michael Caine are perfect as scheming con men who unscrupulously steal money from rich women who fall for their elaborate deceptions.

Unable to work the same affluent patch on famouw French Riviera, the two go head to head to see who can swindle the most money from their chosen target.

Miniver’ in and ‘That Forsyte Woman’ in Friendship drives so much of the emotional core of a TV show that scores of shows have led with twosoems in the title: This pair starred in nine films together including ‘Mrs.


But you can see what my next list might be….

Pete March 6, at I agree that Shelley Long is totally underrated. Both had comeyd spots to their own flaws but were willing to point them out to each other. A quiz about some of the more popular movie ‘couples’ over the years.

In The Money Pit they find they have sunk every last penny they had into the house from hell, their relationship hanging by a thread as the walls literally fall down around them. The other…not so much. A live morning talk show with hosts Kelly RipaRyan Seacrest and special guests.

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John Watson predates all of the duos on this list, but BBC breathed fresh air back into it by adding a contemporary twist to the classic detective story.

They wrangle with studio head J. Evan Crean March 7, at They had terrific chemistry. Novroz Twodomes 14, at