Why are you looking at me like this? Nothing in that letter you wrote could have come true. But if you help me, I promise you that I’ll protect you. Please try to empathize with them. I just wanted to tell you that you’re on the wrong track. You know what those people are capable of doing.

Where are your parents? My ticket to hell. She’s changing right now. Who would want to be ashamed of their children? She kept us busy. She says hello as well. I knew Mustafa would do something like this.

Did you read this?

She wants money, of course. You can’t be doing this Rahmi! She is now defending them. They’re just distracted by something else. You’re a beautiful girl.

She didn’t even look at us in the face. Hope to meet you again, good bye.

May God give their punishment. Please, let’s sit down and start telling me. She came to our house yesterday. This made me very angry now. You know what those people are capable of doing. I tracked down the woman who set up that trap for Subtitlws. I shall attack her leash to her collar.


Your future does depend on me. Fp do they want from you? Do you know anyone named Yasemin Haser? So I locked the door.

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Why are you back with him again? I have no fatjagul with you. But never thought she’d come all the way here. That girl is misleading you, as well as the press, the public even her husband. We are in the house right now. Would you let such a vile act go unpunished? Thank you for hearing my voice. Really, I could work here instead.

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Thank you very much, but I want to get right down to it. I locked my door last night, because So is our warm house. Will you rot in a prison cell? As you command, sire. They think I’m living in Germany. Cruel people, abandoning the poor creatures when they become big and old.

Did you miss your home? Here, let me give you her leash.

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We can stay here until we’re bored. She kept us busy. And if I’m correct, your grandchild is also a girl. We talked about fatmqgul already. Mehmet, can you deliver these to– Oh, sorry.


I was just going to get coffee, as well. And I don’t want to be subtutles with her, too. Fighting different battles in every front. And I’ll sleep with this little boy. It turns out, I got that job back, because of my dad. Meltem talked, despite your efforts. You may go right in. Let us ask these people, too.

Maybe there’s a name on sybtitles collar. I shall bring some fruits. You are used to sleep in bed, huh? Dad, why don’t we just give that footage to the police and be done with him? Wait, let me open it. And I remember very well how I felt that night. Please, I am asking you Suddenly I can see none of them.