Fatma manages to grab a few more hanks of hair, and spits at Mukaddes, declaring Mukaddes her enemy. Thursday, March 31, at Thursday, March 31, at 2: I went to check on the girl. You are keep damaging the ones around you, causing damage to Us. Eva Deb, loved your recap. He’s slow, but he’s not stupid, and he has picked up on and learned much over the last two years.

On a Turkish beach, Ayse is offering tourists boat trips to the Greek islands, when Selim walks up. Besides, without having change to talk your colleges came and taken him away. Later, he was founded by police lying unconscious in bushes and taken into prison. Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? Fatmagul Episode 50 Summary. You two were done long time ago anyway.

He who laughs last, laughs best. Mukaddes loudly accuses Meryem of trying to separate her from her husband. Maybe all that drug use with Andy will cause her to miscarry?

As she walks towards waiting Sami, Serdar calls to tell her the service has ended.

Fatmagul episode 57 summary

Add Image S1, Ep1. Resat and Perihan confront Munir.

Vivi- I looked all over today and could not find a time, but I did see, “Imperio” has been replaced in the tv schedule with “Secretos”, a Turkish novela of 18 episodes, so this may well be in the Fatmagul time slot, although it definitely looks like a prime time show. Publicado por Diego Ayrton Flores paucar en 9: They know Ayse helped him. Pancho meets with his lawyer, a big Houston law firm has taken the case of 10 of the sausage victims, and they don’t do things like this unless there is going to be a lot of money involved, but I was just planning on expanding, Pancho says ut oh, what about Eva’s business Fabi is with the doctora from the earlier hospital, happily drawing another picture for her mother, that is until Armando shows is he a little tipsy and wants a hug and a kiss from his daughter, totally turning day into night for Fabi, and the shrink has to break them up and get Fabi out of there, while Armando lays into how it is Eva that has left her family with her new lover, how he would never abandoned his daughters.


Fatmagul episode 57 summary Photo: Fatmaghl got it all! I went all the way there to look summay you. They are gossiping about Mukaddes and Rahmi, really Mukaddes. Erdogan calls him stupid.

As you point dpisode, the man in the picture is Camila’s ex-stepfather the man she stabbed while he was raping her?

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Don’t put the blame on my sister, She is not here. Mukaddes shows her face at restaurant, but makes a big deal about not entering to Rahmi. If you think that I’ll be jealous. The girls in this town have their hair cut short and they dress like boys, because every pretty girl is kidnapped by the narcos to use as sex slaves.

Kerim recognizes there is nothing more he can say that will get him out of the doghouse, and leaves. Boredom here makes you read even the stupidest ads on the paper. Can’t believe he thought that might work.


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There’s a possibility that Munir is going to be excluded from the lawyers association of course Mukaddes snatches Murat from the bathroom. I was going to tell you anyway, I don’t know what Kadir Bey told you but this is how it’s happened She is a narcissistic egoist.

epsode Would have loved if the writers addressed her self hatred and misery Marisol finally refuses to help Betty plot against Eva. Eva Marvellous recap, deb! Esteban brings the DNA test results, and is sent with a copy for Bobby, Pancho doesn’t need to open it, so Soraya does, but what is that look on her face, horror, or 20 years of relief, wow, positive she says, and smiles.

Fatma claims she is NOT jealous. He has shown no interest in her or the boy and initially didnt appear to care that he was missing. I wish I had time to write more. Like Batman and Robin.

The baby bump scene was too cute.