Yes, Gao Zhan is by far one of the best character in this drama. Royal Concubine says yes, so what if she did. Gao Zhan grabs Lu Zhen and carries her back to his palace, telling her that everyone in the palace knows that she is his. Notify me of new comments via email. Reblogged this on mieranadhirah’s Blog. Shen Jia Yan and Lu Zhen talk. The beauty rescues the hero and then the hero rescues the beauty. Notify me of new comments via email.

Lu Zhen has reached the sixth level and now she can take the case of her dead father to the internal affairs office and have them reopen the case. I expected more alertness from the general when entering strange buildings and driking tea offered by people he does not know. Gao Zhan is dress for bed when Uncle Zhong, his guard comes in and tells him that the Palace of Isolation was on fire. Lu Zhen asks what would happen if Shen Jia Yan fell in love with a common girl, and he answers her very sincerely in 3 sentences: If it starts to get draggy I might just skip forward to see the ending hehe. Lu Zhen and her workers start their work on creating a Kiln factory to manufacture the white ceramic. You are commenting using your WordPress. Shen Jia Yan reminisces about the time he and Lu Zhen spent together while looking at the white gardenias her perfume.

However, since it happened halfway through the series, I was slightly annoyed.

Oh, and she has a complicated past with Gao Zhan! Wang Shang Yi tells her to go inspect the new maids.

Over all I liked this episode because it proves that Gao Zhan loves Lu Zhen deeper than even he knew he did. I get what oof mean. Gao Zhan is besides himself with episodw. The Emperor sighs and forgives her, Royal Concubine reveals that she has stop taking the birth control medicine, she wants to have children with the Emperor. Dan Niang sees her favorite food and wants to try it.


He asks her to be careful. Gao Zhan goes to visit Lu Zhen in secret. Dan Niang says that she would be really really upset. She tells Lu Zhen that from now on she can stop going to work every day and have Shen Bi take care of everything.

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Ov the rise in level, Lu Zhen has more prestige and responsibilities. Shen Jia Yan looks at Lu Zhen and tells her that if this story about Lu Zhen gets out and it ruins her name, he will marry her. I like the deeper colored ones like the deep purples, blues, etc.

Liu Xue Hua starred as Empress Dowager in this. She tells him that she has found the ceramic powder and they can start mass production. They decide that since reczp is only an engagement, they will ask Shen family to make an excuse and call off the wedding. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Oh yeah, I can already see the love square forming! He will only marry Lu Zhen.

Ok thanks hopefully I will find zhn enjoyable still after ep40 like you did! Soon a bunch of bees interrupt the banquet and everyone runs for cover. Shen Jia Yan wakes up and beats the living crap out of the pervert.

Shen Bi asks her father to help her kill Lu Zhen, with no other people to back Shen Bi in the palace, she feels the need to act now before Lu Zhen might retaliate against her. Gao Zhan tells her, yes, everything is true. I absolutely liked that scene as well. Yes, Gao Zhan is by far one of the best character in this drama. She sees that the soil has white chunks of rock that looks like the ceramic powder she uses and also finds a pack in the dirt left to her by the Dowager Concubine.


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He asks that she stop thinking about trying to kill herself. I watched all of these 6 episodes in one day. I will have to brace myself!!!! He yells for them to stop only to realize who it is and kneels. Shen Jia Yan realizes Lu Zhen is just depressed enough to do that.

He asks her to go riding with him today, and she agrees on account that he has some really good horses. He needs some alone time. We are to believe that Lu Zhe, who was not suicidal every time there was this huge mountain epiosde her path of minjster ever after with Gao Zhan and his eyebrows now, hearing that she might be crippled she is just very unprofesionally, I must add cutting her one wrist?!

She faints from shock and Shen Jia Yan is there to catch her before she falls.

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She meets Shen Jia Yan there. You are commenting using your WordPress. Gao Zhan is too boring as a person…. On the suicide note, this is so totally not Lu Zhen it made me roll my eyes.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Shen Jia Yan and Lu Zhen talk. Bringing up the idea that he might marry anyone else after her is almost laughable at this point. She totally threw me off in episode 1 because I was constantly second-guessing her!