No nice fights with props, no humor. We can see some begining of his unique style, fights using props etc. In general it’s not a bad movie, quite nice wuxia with complex intrigue and a lot of twists. Perhaps the last truly impressive physical performance from an aging Jackie. TV min Action, Comedy, Romance. Has 2 parts – 1st one in prison, 2nd one shorter, action movie. The sequel that was supposedly made for the Japanese emperor, having expressed how much he liked the Part 1. One day, an old man helps Fu train

The Hong Kong supercop must stop a group of blackmailing bombers at the same time that the villains of Police Story are out for revenge. Shaolin Wooden Men 98 min Action 6. The action sequences are sparse, but more than deliver in terms of quality. A survivor of an attack on a rebel group opposing the Manchu invasion of China creates the Goose Fist fighting technique and tries for revenge on a traitor. The Japanese general learns this and is determined to kill everyone in the way of disposing of Lee. The reunion brings to the surface old rivalries.

PG 87 min Action, Comedy, Crime. In general it’s not a bad movie, quite nice wuxia with complex intrigue and a lot of twists. At first he is Jackie is not main character, he dies! PG 80 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. A young man visiting and helping his uncle in New York City finds cekicej forced to fight a street gang and the mob with his martial art skills.

However, when Hua Wu Dekicen, another powerful local character seeks his assistance, Mei Xing He will face the deadliest challenge of his life. His cop partner gets taken by the ninja gang.


A young Asian-American martial artist is forced to participate in a brutal formal street-fighting competition. An old soldier kidnaps a young General of an enemy state and takes him on a long journey to collect the reward.

R min Action, Comedy. R min Action, Comedy, Crime.

HensonWenwen Han. A lot of nudity, and more shooting then stunts. Chien Fu Jackie Chan is a boy who is used as a janitor at his kung fu school.

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Hua fei man cheng chun R Comedy 5. This installment of Chan’s Police Story film cekiicen has our hero trying to locate a missing nuclear warhead. Muscles gets his 5 old no-good friends from the orphanage to help find the bad cop. PG min Action, Adventure, Comedy. TV min Action, Comedy, Crime. Just remeber that Jackie is on screen for about 20minutes. He is then chased by several other agency operatives, but he has no idea why.

A cop goes undercover to infiltrate a deadly cskicen where a team of mercernaries is being assembled.

In order that they reach the doctor in time, they must pass through the “Stormy Hills”, which Supercop 2 R min Action, Comedy, Crime 6. A loyal and dedicated Hong Kong Inspector teams up flim a reckless and loudmouthed L. Loose continuation of the Police Story saga, worth seeing for the stilts sequence alone. This movie sees Officer of the law Wan Chao-fan and his father being framed for a robbery they didn’t commit. Ringo LamHark Tsui Stars: Jackie Chan is one of the There are few funny scenes though money switch but no real Jackie stunts.

Not Rated min Action, Fim, Drama.

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PG min Action, Comedy. The adventures of a restless martial arts student called Dragon, who, while constantly pursuing a girl, gets involved in the affairs of a gang of thieves. Yi zhao ban shi chuang jiang hu R 97 min Action, Comedy 5. Mei Xing He is a local hero, as known as “Killer Meteors”, his secret weapon makes him invincible. Fresh from prison, five friends try to stay crime free but inadvertently find themselves caught in a Triad war.


After witnessing the murder of his father, Little Mute trains in Shaolin Temple for revenge and is taught by various teachers, one of which is clandestine.

A Chinese chef accidentally gets involved with a news reporter who filmed a drug bust that went awry, and is now being chased by gangs who are trying to get the video tape. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on 20114 phone or tablet!

First hour is rather boring, even container scene somehow didn’t work. The film that finally made Jackie a success in the US.

A family gathers to be with its dying father. Ghosts appear in shaolin temple. Lots of comedy and kung-fu fighting follows. This story is centering around a Ming Dynasty brothel that steams with secret erotic myths, trysts and twists of pleasurable indulgence.

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Even fights are strange – he fights with girl and with ghosts twice. PG min Action, Thriller. Lady of Steel Action, Adventure 6.