Quotes [ Chan has just knocked a goon out cold ] Zheng Xiaofeng: This installment of Chan’s Police Story film franchise has our hero trying to locate a missing nuclear warhead. The film is a reboot of the Police Story series and is the fifth film in the series. Before they can apprehend her, however, Fire instigates a gunfight by killing Sam in order to escape. Learn more More Like This. Fortunately, he knows Kung Fu. Chan and Frank are tailed by Chiu and the police as they search the owner of the watch at an upcoming X-Games event; Sam had been arrested by the police to assist in the investigation. In the hospital, Ho Yee has recovered and prepares to leave before accepting Chan’s marriage proposal.

Films directed by Benny Chan Muk-sing. Chan Kwok-Wing Nicholas Tse Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Fortunately, he knows Kung Fu. Male hostage as Eric Kwok Deep Ng Soon, the baby awakens strong paternal feelings in the two crooks, leading to complications when it comes to handing him over to his possibly crazy gang boss grandfather.

Joe’s father reprimands him, while Chan tells Joe that he knows that he doesn’t hate cops, he merely hates his father for berating him. Recenzii Politica privind recenziile.

Fortunately, he knows Kung Fu. He is then chased by several other agency operatives, but he has no idea why. Fung Nicholas Tse is a rebel without a pause, a street-smart Tilm Kong youth who longs to become a police officer.

Wires have been used by Hong Kong action stars for a very long time now.

He’s the best of the best, cracking ananyhie case he handles in record time. At the event, held on the rooftop of a skyscraper, Frank and Chan manage to locate one of the gang members, Fire Terence Yinwhile Sam and the police interrupt the event and single out the woman robber, Sue Coco Chiang.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anyone who has worked with wires will tell you what hard work it is so it shouldn’t be so easily dismissed.

Distribuţie San ging chaat goo si – Polițist la ananghie () – Film –

Chan is discovered by a stranger Nicholas Tse and taken to the stranger’s home. Inspector Chan Kwok-wing and his squad are called to arrest the gang after their hideout is revealed. The pair are forced to use all their wits, courage and skills to survive the most dangerous mission of their careers.

Goofs When Sasa is going through Sue’s profile in the police database, Sue’s build can be seen misspelled as “Silm” instead of “Slim”. Three renegade cops, driven by vengeance, must cuan up to bring down a gang of seven ruthless bank robbers.

A Blu-ray version was released in the United States on 24 November For the film, see Crime Story film. Fung finally gets his chance to play at being a detective when he persuades Wing that he is a police officer, and they team up to track down a truly awesome group of adversaries, The Gang Of Five Now, caught between the mob and a ruthless anahghie gang, Ah shows–after inflicting much pain on iflm all around–that this seemingly average guy is a world-class daredevil and martial arts master.

A final showdown on and above the streets of Kuala Lumpur features a whole new level of on-screen action Fung Nicholas Tse is a rebel without a pause, a street-smart Hong Kong youth who politixt to become a police officer.

Share this Rating Jzckie Joe finally admits defeat politiet deliberately unloads the single bullet in his gun and aims the empty gun at Chan, choosing suicide-by-cop. This article’s plot summary may be too polotist or excessively detailed. A Secret Agent loses his memory after falling from a crashing helicopter. Also included is an introduction by Jackie himself and a message not to buy an unlicensed copy of the film. A hero cop accidentally leads his team into a trap from which he is the only survivor.


Chan finds Joe on the roof. Joe then chases Frank into the hall and shoots at him.

Having captured and tied up Frank, Joe threatens to throw him to his death. I highly recommend this one to Jackie Chan fans and those who are not may be pleasantly surprised.

A number of policemen ffilm on the roof, along with Joe’s father. A Hong Kong detective suffers a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion and is transformed into an jwckie warrior with superhuman powers. In the crossfire, Tin Tin is shot in the chest.

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Whether it’s leaping from a ten-story building onto an airborne helicopter or landing on top of a speeding train, there’s no job too tough for this hero Carl, Wing’s team member Andrew Lin Chan angrily confronts Frank, when Frank admits that even though he failed the exam, all he wanted to be is a good cop.

A young man with a troubled past pretends to be a police officer working on the case with Wing, to get him back on his feet and begin an adventure to get revenge on the evil Joe and his Gang of Five, especially when it becomes personal. Anyone expecting a film to equal the classic Police Story will be disappointed.