This is the only episode in the anime where Recca is only a minor character. Throughout the fight, it is revealed that Saicho’s Madogu, Shikigami animator can produce paper made of a magical barrier that cannot be easily burned. The episode ends with Fujimaru countering Fuuko’s darts and starts throwing sickles at Fuuko stripping off her long sleeves. The real Mikoto appeared and later abused the referee who accused her of cheating because her madogu takes human form. The group goes up to the second floor with new friend Ganko to meet Seiko. But Recca was reluctant and attacked Kukai with Nadare.

Near the end of the bout, Domon used his Kuchibashi-oh which chains bound and defeated Minamio and emerged Domon victoriously. This time, Kukai will not move. During the fight, the Mikoto Fuuko was fighting was actually a robot. It is revealed that Resshin was a spirit of Recca and Kurei’s real father, Oka. During the fight, Kukai warned Recca that he only has to hit the Kuu master 3 times in any method, after which, it could mean certain death for Recca. Kurei, in an attempt to please his mother who has fallen out of grace with the rest of the clan, tried to kill Recca, giving him the prominent scar on his cheek, but was stopped in time and was subsequently imprisoned. The illusions include Aki stripping, a giant snake, snowy weather, flower which is really Aki striking a dueling sword and flames all over Domon. The Battle Against Fear” Transcription:

During the fight, Recca was given a riddle by Rui One of the Karyu and was able to solve her riddle and created fog illusions in the forms of Gashakura, Jisho and Kashamaru against the Uruha Ma ninja. Recca appears just in time to save Koganei. Recca bludgeons him with episoces equipment, and when Mokuren transforms, Recca sets him on fire, winning the battle.

The Hokage clan, out of fear that the Madogu will fall into the wrong hands, decided to fight Nobunaga’s soldiers without using them, but were overwhelmed by sheer numbers and were all defeated. Back in the lab, the group encounters Mokuren, a psycho with the ability to manipulate plants.

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So Tokiya decided to fight Mokuren. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. RING gai no teki!! The Truth of Years Ago!


Both Kagero and Genjuro explained this fact. Domon faces Noroi, a ghost that haunts the Bakuju madogu. After getting their attention, Kurei tells Recca about their past years ago and how both were sent to the present time when they were infants.

He awakens to find that he, Fuuko, Domon and Ganko have fallen into Mokuren’s lab, where plants attack. If Recca knocks Kukai out, he wins. In the first match, Domon Ishijima faces illusionist Aki who uses gull madogu Kotodama which enables the user to create illusions that only the opponent can see. Retrieved from ” https: The group heads for the elevator, where Kurei is waiting in ambush. The episode ends with Mokuren saying that he will use Koganei as a fertilizer for his human-faced tree.

Seiko who was locked up because he was too dangerous is now stopping our team from getting to the fourth floor where Yanagi is. Kukai began beating Recca up badly. Recca faces Genjuro into a fight after defeating Meno Sakura. Domon’s Last Resort” Transcription: Team Hokage was first hesitant, but Yanagi volunteered herself, saying that she trusts them all that they will not lose the tournament and let her fall into Koran Mori’s hands.

The True Power of Fujin” Transcription: At the same time, Recca learned that the 8 Flame Dragons were Hokage ancestors and was forced to fight them again to regain their powers. Kage Hoshi is then seen trying to convince Rcca to assist Recca and company.

As Yanagi appears, Tokiya withdraws from the fight and Yanagi manages to heal Recca using her powers.

Recca has a flashback to the past, caused by Kurei’s revelation. The Walking Corpse” Transcription: Near the end of the bout, Domon used his Kuchibashi-oh which chains bound and defeated Minamio and emerged Domon victoriously.

He eventually confronts Recca in the park, and attacks him with Ensui, a sword that manipulates water. Fuuko and Domon were fallen by Verxion trap.

Kurei, who exhibited flame powers as a child, was slated to inherit the od leadership, but it was soon discovered that Recca also possessed the same powers. Meanwhile, Fuko and Domon decided to train using the Madogu they acquired from the battle at Kagero’s hideout.


Terror of spisodes Kotodama! But if Kukai still has the strength to fight, Recca dies. Now the young ninja only has one strike left. Saicho, who also uses a Shikigami also explains that despite having the same name, they have different abilities.

Fuuko, Recca, and Domon are holding up a wall when Tokiya appears and taunts them. Tsukishiro and Kashamaru are then sent to the Majigen dimension. During the fight, Mokuren’s branches grow after being cut by Tokiya.

However, Tokiya said that Domon used the Madogu too late which made moive latter fall unconscious as well despite saying “I won! During the match, Kouran Movi interfered and set a laser in the ring’s corners where Fuuko was hit twice. Mikagami was supposed to fight Menou, a school girl, but forfeited due to the injuries caused by Mokuren. While Recca refuses to believe, she tells all of them the truth of years ago: Near the end, Daikoku uses his bo’s attack technique.

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Recca has two hits left, so he decided to use Saiha against Kukai but avoids it. At decca end of the match, Fuuko warned the audience if there is someone like Fujimaru, she would make their lives as a living hell. Views Read Edit View history. Yomigaetta shisha no nikutai!!

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Recca provokingly accepts the proposal. Fuuko learns the secret of the doll controller and stops her, ultimately defeating the duo. There they meet Katashira Reira doll controller and her doll Primera, and a battle breaks off between them and Fuuko.

Recca is in Danger! The group goes up to the second floor with new friend Ganko to meet Seiko. Resshin recalled that the Sacred Flames caused Kurei’s harsh fate.