A lot of the tracks feel rather short and some of the music seems a bit too Bumping this because my copy arrived today have faith Bob! Klaymen manages to get in, but Bil loses his footing and falls into the void with Willie still inside. Archived from the original on July 3, Frederator plans to produce two films a year. Frederator Films logo designed by Floyd Bishop. Or, more specifically—Why does Frederator want to make movies anyhow? The following is from The Neverhood Chronicles:

Envious, Klogg manages to steal Hoborg’s crown, rendering Hoborg inert in the process, and the crown’s energies disfigure Klogg. Thereafter, “books” containing the story of each of Quater’s seven sons: Retrieved 18 February Retrieved June 22, I fully endorse more similar music for no purpose other than being awesome. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Hoborg Hoborg is one of the seven sons of Quater, who is the only creation of ‘Father’, the God-like creator of the universe in which The Neverhood takes place.

It seems like a story Terry Scott Taylor the musician wanted to tell but he wanted to tell it in a Neverhood way. Doug TenNapel came up with the idea of a plasticine world increating approximately 17 structures. BobTheFork Frererator Jul 25, Archived from the original on June 14, The game follows the adventure of a claymation character named Klaymen as he discovers his origins and his purpose in a world made entirely fims of clay.

Frederator Films logo designed by Floyd Bishop. On September 5th, at 8: Haven’t read it or listened to the CD yet. A Time Warner Company.


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Lots of you know how much we admire Genndy Tartakovsky. Klaymen is the silent protagonist of The Neverhood series.

While the story was interesting, it had no relation to the Neverhood’s original story as far as I can tell. Thanks for passing it along!

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Archived from the original on May 16, It is particularly notable for being perhaps the only game ever to be created entirely in stop-motion claymation. The Neverhood Chronicles One of the game’s more unusual and infamous features is that it contains a room called the ‘Hall of Records’, a screen-long area containing a single long wall upon which is written ‘The Neverhood Chronicles’, the continuing history of the entire universe created by Father and his only child, Quater. Retrieved 13 December It’s a really peculiar thing to do for its own sake, though.

Frederator FilmsFrederator Films backstory View comments. The Neverhood is that PC claymation adventure game right? As of [update]the company was in a producing partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainmentand YouTube.

However, the Neverhood itself is bizarrely deserted, with its only inhabitants being Klaymen the main protagonist and player characterWillie Trombone a dim individual who assists Klaymen in his travelsKlogg the game’s antagonist who resembles a warped version of Klaymenand various fauna that inhabit the Neverhood most infamously the ‘weasels’, monstrous, crablike creatures that pursue Klaymen and Willie at certain points in the game. So bring it on. Frederator Films has over a dozen projects on its initial development slate, the first three of which were announced today, each representing a different genre: Big Robot Bil is Willie’s robot pal.


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Computer Game Developers Conference. They went on to meet Hoborg, and helped him to find the finest Klay in the universe. A budget release developed by KIDSMIND fredefator, it was little more than a jumped-up minigame ; a first-person Air Enverhood game using guns instead of paddles, presented in 3D polygonal graphics rather than the series’ characteristic claymation.

The other ones are often great, but we tend to make mainstream, popular entertainment. Archived from the original on February 5, Archived from the original on Alone in Klogg’s castle, Klaymen finds a terminal, and should he collect all freedrator Willie’s discs, the full extent of his tale is revealed; the Neverhood itself is the creation of a godlike being named Hoborg, who created the Neverhood in the hopes of making himself happy.

The Neverhood movie is dead, but there will be new music(?!).

Hell, Neverhpod would take a SD remake of that Skullmonkies or whatever game. Principal production will be located in Hollywood and New York. Neverhood Songs Written by: May 18, 6, 0 0 Tel Aviv, Israel.