Make sure that the receptacle is compatible with the air conditioner cord plug provided. Automatic Component Protection 4. Start the unit in the cooling mode. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. Use a biodegradable cleaning agent and degreaser on condenser fan and condenser shroud. Clean both areas with an antibacterial and antifungal cleaner. Failure to do so may result in personal injury, or death. Replace valve Valve hung up at mid-stroke.

With a complete restriction there is no circulation of refrigerant in the system. Failure to follow these procedures could result in serious injury or death. The following procedures are the more common problems and solutions to these problems. Figure 26 Bellows Assembly Drain Pan Valve Should the fan motor fail or filter become clogged, the high limit control will open and interrupt power to the heater before reaching an unsafe temperature condition. Testing of the elements can be made with an ohmmeter across the terminals after the connecting wires have been removed. Also, do not allow the thermostat bulb to touch the evaporator coil. Once the refrigerant has been condensed changed to a liquid it is cooled even further by the air that continues to flow across the condenser coil. Recover refrigerant and repair any leaks found.

If still no shift, replace valve. The particular system design determines at exactly what point in the evaporator the change of state i. Introduction This service manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the installation manuals provided with each air conditioning system component.

Also, do not allow the thermostat bulb to touch the evaporator coil. If no shift, replace valve. Install a process tube to sealed system. The refrigerant then returns to the compressor, where the cycle is repeated. Always replace with the exact replacement. TwinTemp Electric Heat heating information shown in red indicates electric heat strip performance.


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After the unit has run 10 to 15 minutes, check the gauge pressures. Check Filter light will come on after hours of use. Much of the area of program,able condenser will be relatively cool since most or all of the liquid refrigerant will be stored there. This control is dual purpose control that acts as an outdoor thermostat and defrost control. Unplug line voltage lead from reversing valve coil.

The only definite indications that the slide is in the ssries is if all three tubes on the suction side of the valve are hot after a few minutes of running time. Direct contact with liquid refrigerant can result in minor to moderate injury. A partial restriction allows some of the refrigerant to circulate through the system.

See “Automatic Component Protection” on this page. Determine that capacitor is serviceable.

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If the operating pressures are lower than normal in both the heating and cooling mode, the cooling capillary is restricted. See switch section as indicated on decorative control panel. Wash and rinse with warm seriew.

Continue pressing the Start button until you arrive at the start time you desire. Slinger fan blade Attaches to the outdoor side of the fan motor shaft and is used to move outside air through the condenser coil, while slinging condensate water out of the base pan and onto the condenser coil, thus lowering the temperature frierrich pressures within the coil.

Remove compressor, capillary tube and filter drier from the system. If your air conditioner can be placed in a window or wall that is shaded by a tree or another building, the unit will operate even more efficiently.


Turn thermostat knob counterclockwise to its warmest position. If the unit is unplugged programjable the power is interrupted, the Set Hr.

The grounded receptacle should meet all national and local codes and ordinances. To Exhaust Indoor Air 7.

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Do not include inside walls which separate other air conditioned rooms. Proper refrigerant charge is essential to proper unit operation. Icing 29 Restricted Refrigerant System Troubleshooting a restricted refrigerant system can be difficult.

Operate valve several times, then recheck. The evaporator in a partial restriction could be partially quiwtmaster or have an ice ball close to the entrance of the metering device.

You must use the three prong plug furnished with the air conditioner. Not following this notice could result in damage to the unit or condensate water leaking inappropriately which could cause water damage to surrounding property.

Approved Refrigerant Recovery System 5. The RAC design determines at exactly what point in the condenser the change of state i. Doors should be considered as being part of the wall. Once power is restored to the unit there is a two second delay before the fan comes on and approximately three minutes delay before the compressor is activated, providing that the mode was set for cooling and the set point temperature has not been met in the room.