Hiromi Ohtsuda as Takuto Kira Human. Sumi Shimamoto as Great Mother. Ahava Music House Photography: Jinnan Studio Video Editing: August 6—14 Aug 14, Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray.

Twelve-year-old Kouyama Mitsuki was devastated when she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the throat. Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out of EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! Kazuki Yao as Saegusa. Her character model is Airi, my assistant. July 5, [11]. Outbreak Hybrid Child — Descending Stories:

Katie Rowan as Mitsuki.

Full moon episode 15 part 2/3 english dubbed

Kazuhiko Nishimatsu as Axel. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama: Full Epispde O Sagashite: Hidenobu Kiuchi as Chief Yamagawa Mr.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mika Ishibashi as woman ep 2. July 9—15 Jul 15, Sumi Shimamoto as Great Mother. Choutomi Nimura as client ep Takashi Matsuyama as Jim Franklin.

Hiroshi Shimozaki as assistant ep 24 chairman ep 18 Director ep 52 Doctor ep 43 Executive committee ep 31 mover ep 23 Onozaki planner ep 16 reporter ep 19 staff eps Yamane-sensei eps 20, 25 Yamazaki-sensei. Hanakagami no Fantasia Ao Oni: September Sep 10, Mitsuki had decided to become a singer two years before, when she was 10 years old.


Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Set before the series ends, it features Takuto and Meroko trying to make their way to the studio in stuffed animal forms after Mitsuki accidentally leaves them home while rushing to work. Rie Nakagawa as Kurara. Chinook Animation Productions Internet Streaming: Fuyuka Oura as Girl with sheep horns ep This salacious yuri melodrama is anything but Class S.

Urusei Yatsura —, 1—3 Making of Urusei Yatsura sagaashite Eichi e no Shikaku Kabukibu!

Yuka Kudo Art Director: Axis Powers – Paint it, White! No love’s like to the first.

Full Moon o Sagashite (TV)

October 3, [17]. Kazuki Yao as Saegusa. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream!

DVD Release Jul 10, Full Moon O Sagashite has two openings, and four endings. August Aug 28, Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Umi Tenjin as Sora ep This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Miki Macaluso Mitsuko Kitajima.

Fubuki i atsuya в bilivixs

Lucas Gilbertson as Shiragami ep Haruhi Terada as Sasaki. Jin Nishimura as Takeda eps 48, Mitsuki then realizes she cannot wait any longer to fulfill her dream, so she runs away from home and the shinigamito try to audition for a singing competition. This week brings us no big bombs She had made a promise to the boy she loves that she would one day become a singer, but her illness made singing impossible.


Chie Hirano as idol ep However, the shinigami stops her before she is able to audition. Login or Register forgot it? Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Hetalia: Takeshi Maeda as director ep 26 Yoshida ep Animaruya 8 episodes eps 20, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, Norihisa Mori as Jonathan.

Cover of the first volume of the English release of Full Moon o Sagashite. Rise of the Yokai Clan: Mitsuki’s dreams seem englisn to achieve, until one day she is visited by two shinigamiwhom only she could see.