Edit Details Release Date: The Moral Myopia of the male lead, who doesn’t think he did anything wrong when he burned his girlfriend’s house down. I’m with ya, Babe, I’m with ya! When pointing out other films made by the same director, he highlights “I Want You to Make My Ass Pregnant” and says “So it’s directed by a guy who doesn’t know how sex works. Again with the gong! What may start up like Grease ends up like Wolf of Wall Street! It’ll be about any god damn thing you want You need to login to do this.

There must have been something in it! But the next time you take inventory in here, you’ll be counting the albums of Jack Morell! And then he went off to build robots. But don’t rub it too hard, for it will release the divine Wishmaster , the god of arseholery. You’re supposed to shout that at The Oogie loves. Yeah, that’s what I just said! After announcing that he’s going to be doing Musical March in September , Brad explains why he’s doing it in September:

“The Cinema Snob” Fun in Balloon Land (TV Episode ) – Images – IMDb

Because I am a composer, not a schlepper salesman! Well, 20cc of 80s will clear that right up! I’m not fucking kidding The trio leave the set. Add the first question. Faye Dunaway is hot. And where’s the stereotypical gong sound? The reaction to the Vanity Plate.


“The Cinema Snob” Fun in Balloon Land (TV Episode ) – Connections – IMDb

I’m in three bottles deep of Johnny Walker right now as we speak! Connections References Extra Terrestrian: We’re singing the only song in the movie that still gets radio play!

After announcing that he’s going to be doing Musical March in SeptemberBrad explains why he’s doing it in September: Look, if I ever needed to get off on time tonight is the night. Woooo, you know the ways of my people white man?

Brad Jones: Cinema Snob

Playing the theme for Heil Honey, I’m Cnema over the title card. Now lets get to the kitchen and deep fry us some sass! The Legend Of Boggy Creek.

Well I’m glad the movie knows who that guy is, because I sure as hell don’t. When Brad complains about Mason’s performance as he’s being driven to the country club, he delivers the word “schtick” with the intensity of an upper-echelon swear.

It is thought that the attacker is the same person that attacked the boxing champion finema the Charlotte Hotel recently. He was convinced it was Ivan Drago.

The Snob starts it off by saying that it’s time to talk about his favorite subject- himself!


And then he went off to build robots. The Unfortunate Implications of the Near-Rape Experience between the male and female fnu late in the film. Oh, damn, she’s crazy!

Feeling a little bored while watching your revenge movie? Any references to previous E. There came forth a jar, golden and glittering, Pandora’s jar. That’s like breaking into Barry White to start talking about the Son of Sam! The Snob having to correct Doctor Loomis on how many times he shot Michael, and the pronunciation cinem ‘Samhain’.

To the point the closing line is “Still, 2 stars out of 10! Okay, this isn’t even a bakloonland film, but I’m calling it: He’s both completely turned on by Joan one minute, then terrified the next. Sorry, he beat you all to it. Anob get on that boy, and don’t skip on the hot mustard!

The Snob reviews a creepy children’s movie about giant balloons and a parade. That’s what this movie wants you to know about Babe Ruth: