It is clearly visible that they both like each other. I thought you really love Sagar. He is my friend also. A lady approaches Ganga for help. Ganga says you can take it as per your wish. Madhvi begins to talk to Amma ji again. What will you do now?

Sagar stands there watching her. You want to tell my truth to everyone? She does some puja to ward off evil eyes off Pulkit. Supriya gives it to him. Ganga was standing nearby only. Some words are not said just for the sake of it.

They are of Janvi only but different. Outside, Amma ji tells the astrologer to leave. There is something fishy. Ganga asks her if God has a problem with women. She leaves from there.

She is saying Janvi has got herself a fake kundli. Amma ji calls out for Ganga. Ganga rushes out with JP for some important work.

You want to tell my truth to everyone? She notices a crowd gathered nearby. Amma ji replies that God has planned things thus. Janvi bribes Yash for a new phone, asking him to help her.

JP does not like it when someone calls him a dog. She takes it out and matches it with the one that Janvi gave to Madhvi. We played if you want, smiled, laughed, cried, called me a friend or maid as per your convenience.


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The astrologer is scared of JP. Give them to me when I ask for it. You are selfish since childhood. I cannot do it anymore. Yash thinks of an idea but asks for money in return. Episdoe asks Pulkit yet again what is bothering him.


Now I know you truth. Janvi smiles thinking how Ganga would have felt after hearing it from aunty that I a perfect match for Ganga. She bends down to pick up the fallen tomatoes when she notices them together.

She threatens him of police. She scolds them for being mere spectators. You know you have lost so you are blaming me. I will signal you. I forgot I have to take out my stuff from the cupboard so you Supriya can keep her clothes. She wipes her tears. She fell in a very big problem because of it. My bhaiya has been with gahgaa always.

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Some words are not said just for the sake of it. Ganga says I will prove your truth before everyone. The couple get down the car in a distance.


I thought you genuinely loved Sagar. It is clearly visible that they both like each other. Fpisode says how I pay you back for that.

The astrologer makes a perfect kundli for Janvi. She smiles through her tears. You are very lucky. Madhvi hears it too. Epksode I will bring out your truth before everyone! Supriya gives it to him. Janvi too steps back upon seeing JP with the astrologer. You only want to snatch him. Ganga tells Madhvi and Prabha everything. Janvi cannot lose, especially not to you. I had no idea you will grow stone hearted.

Pulkit asks him to take out his clothes as well. What are they doing here together? Bhabhi is already taking good care of me. I wont let anyone cheat their belief.