Her decision at the finale may surprise some of you. Here’s a suggestion for Channel Nine: For this week’s discussion, go to www. The first episode of the new series features Cully’s wedding and the return of Gavin Troy, Barnaby’s former offsider. Will watch out for “Unit One”. Quoth Caligrossification on September 4, Jonno on September 15, 2: Of course it had The Chaser as a lead-in, but ABC viewers are usually turning on the electric blanket by 9.

Rick on September 3, 8: That’s fine with me, as showing double episodes at ER earlier than 9. Delia Banks Josh Hopkins The show is not what it was. Melinda Gordon David Conrad

I caught a bit of Torchwood last night.

Today Tonight Seven ghos. All they need to do is move a Current Affair to after the game Melinda’s friend detective Carl Neely discovers the truth.

Nine News Nine 1. I can’t see the boys going to a commercial station though, it would be too restrictive on their style of humour. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this ‘boganest school’.

Our family was in stitches, especially my two high school boys. I’ll wait until this current series comes out on DVD. Geez Better Homes and Gardens took a hit. Ryan of Perth on September 5, 5: It was a great night’s viewing. Chaser returns tomorrow night, ten is showing a movie, atleast now Gnost won’t have to choose between House and Chaser!

“Ghost Whisperer” Haunted Hero (TV Episode ) – IMDb

This is usually the point where Ch 10’s 1st year graduates decide to move it to some god foresaken time to show some new take on Idol – “Bathroom Habits of the Top 10 Australian Idol wannabees”.


I had to actually watch some of Dame Edna on Saturday because of the athletics!

Anything else you need? About the same as Dubya repeating his Howard is a man of steel line.

The ratings race: Week 36

The show is not what it was. I can’t wait to see the clowns in their costumes. What will you choose? Here’s a suggestion for Channel Nine: It would also have a better chance of retaining the Temptation game show lead in.

Looks like Californication came in third. We have both been huge fans from the beginning in fact, I was planning my wedding when the first series was airing, and there were a few too many similarities to Kath’s wedding for my liking – red backless bridesmaid dresses freaked me right out, as did watching the wedding episode the night before my wedding, showing the garbage trucks arriving to pick up the rubbish as the opening to Kath’s wedding day – then awaking on my wedding day to the sounds of garbage trucks!!

Does anyone have any info as to when or if channel 7 will air Shark? Channel 9 could try something different, like programming good shows! Reid on September 3, 3: Sacs on September 3, 4: Deadbeat Dads 02 May My programming has it at a different timeslot later in the week. There has been no miracle recovery. I saw an promo of it on Sopranos last night.


“Ghost Whisperer” No Safe Place (TV Episode ) – IMDb

John Gray creatorLois Johnson. I enjoyed it alot and hope it continues to do well Posted by: I tuned out half way. It was quite an indictment of the modern propensity towards cosmetic surgery and the insecurity some women have as regards their bodies and their perceived lack of “perfection”.

Really anything but Eddie would be good. The only explanation is that Ten is chronically unable to stick to its timetable. Reid on September 5, My suggestion for Nein – The Two. Last week we had a couple of rare events with a local Lunar eclipse and South Sydney qualifying for the rugby league semi-finals. Talia on September 2, 8: Rick on September 3, 8: It’s called iCaught or something like that.

I’ll go through another life [ pause ] Eric Sanborn: Abi on September 6, Deja Boo 12 Jan 7. I remember a friend racing home one night to catch Star Trek: