Oh, if he catches a bird can we keep him as a pet? All right, I got a plan! I don’t think I’m doing too good. Look at little boy! Let’s get it on! And fighting out of the blue corner! Round two is up. No no no no no!

Why did I do it? A big blind animal! I’m just so proud of his hair. Look, we just gotta get through tonight, and then we got three straight days of no babysitting. Ah, suck on this crust. I saw you come in here Cat? I will pyun on him! How about a goat?

How about a goat? Come on keep your hands up! It’s the opposite of fun. So what do I do with this one? And now, the left eye.

You can do it, Goomer! It’s the life that we choose, and we still break the rules.

Sam and Cat () s01e07 Episode Script | SS

But it’s all gonna be just fine. Would you stop breaking glasses! I’m supposed to take my medicine. Do I got the stuff?


I need you to babysit someone. You just killed Cat. Hey, when is Goomer’s next fight?

Well, let’s just hang out here for a little while and wait for the kids to settle down before we go Ah! Thirty seconds to round two! They had an appointment. Dice is our friend and he needs help. Why do they call him the skull crusher? Waych in with a problem. Look, we just gotta get through tonight, and then we got three straight days of no babysitting.

Isn’t this a cool restaurant? Currently facing the wrong way!

He should be scared. Hey, there’s a good booth.

Sam And Cat S01E07 Goomer Sitting

What am I gonna do, not get the stuff? Because the waiters here are oh. It’s okay, I got you! There’s a problem with your microwave. It never gets old! Why did I do it? The hottiest hot sauce of all hot sauces. Okay Goom, Sam and Cat are in charge. Look, I took a pic of your knees. But don’t you think we deserve a break?


I’ll try my best.

I mighta got some mouth juice on that. Wait, I wanna be in charge of one of his body parts I’m a person! You can punch me in my face And you can kick me in my niblets But you will not make fun of my little gkomersitting beautiful, beautiful hair. So when I yell “left punch” or “right punch” you punch hard with that hand. Maybe you should listen to your manager. Have fun under there?

Because carrying us is good exercise. A fighter can’t eat Cotton Candy in the middle of a fight! Goomer, now teeing off on Zakappa.