I was more curious about the effect of this confrontation, not its context. An undercover woman who maintained her job and got her man in spite of an OCD mania that cost her every friend in the building? Andy Greenwald is a staff writer for Grantland. Silence descends on the street and Ferland bellows for action. After all, the U. I genuinely felt for Quinn when he was yelling into the walkie, demanding Carrie confirm a direct order and get back in the car. Both made dazzling first impressions with their brilliance and dedication. Her fate rests in the hands of another.

Andy Greenwald is a staff writer for Grantland. In place of the one overarching question, now there are a dozen smaller ones. It was two steps forward, then two steps back; a perfectly calibrated process of pushing and pulling that felt like movement without taking you anywhere at all. Carrie exits her condo, speaks tenderly to Brody on the phone, then gets into her car and drives toward a violent collision with Nazir. Exciting thing happens in the season finale. As the dying VP gasped:

Yes, she loves him, but what matters more is that she needs him, now more than ever.

Gansa and co-executive producer Howard Gordon are far from improvisers — as the half-dozen exhausted writers crammed into granfland flopsweat-and-cheap-takeout-infused room in Studio City can no doubt attest — but they sure can keep us tapping our toes not to mention on them. So when does the red-headed drone gain sentience and strike?

Showtime Facebook Twitter Print. But was I wrong to see a few tendrils of winking good cheer peeking out from the cracks of what was otherwise a desperately tense hour? Granrland characters are their jobs, in a way that makes it almost impossible for Homeland to tell stories about them as normal people.


On the Set of Homeland

While the writers plot and panic 2, miles away in Hollywood, the cast is left to learn its lines in relative peace. No bravery in the world can change any of that. Grantlanc made dazzling first impressions with their brilliance and dedication. Really, this episode should have aired during Season 1. On The WireLester used the yomeland to take a step back and consider things rationally.

Carrie and Brody had already lied together and lain together. Both came within seconds of suicide but, at the critical moment, neither could disconnect head from heart.

See all from Andy Greenwald. Finally she got to say those three little words every high-level analyst dreams of: The Saudi consul just craved some private playtime in the bathhouse. Homeland is rightly lauded for many things, but humor is rarely among them.

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Her old life was pretty terrible! How would Carrie — last seen disgraced, unemployed, and zapping her cerebellum like an aging car battery — be brought back into the fold? Brody, still damp from having his tires buffed, eyed Mike — caught arm-in-arm with Jess — like a he was a point buck that had mistakenly wandered into the family BBQ. Ditto Brody, whose intentions are once again highly questionable, thanks to some judicious use of editorial cutting.

Andy Greenwald is a staff writer for Grantland. At the end of eppisode day, which of these two assets is more valuable? Because messy makes for good drama. Which is to say: The Post story was about the prickly analyst who grantlanv Maya, the terrorist-hunting protagonist bomeland Zero Dark Thirty.


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Aileen wanted to piss off her old man. Become progressively more disappointed with the show and vow to quit watching after the conclusion of the season. For 23 episodes, David Estes was a villainous lurker on the side of the angels, a realpolitik obstacle to humanist virtues like nuance, forgiveness, and hope. Where Patinkin and his character converge is in their intractable sense of self.

Call it the doctrine of Radical Squishiness. Homeland deals with the unglamorous minutiae of safety in a dangerous world. I respect this level of relentlessness in CIA agents, oncologists, and Batmen.

Last week I spent some time on the Homeland set in North Carolina for an upcoming feature. See all Hollywood Homdland. Silence descends on the street and Ferland bellows for action. Dulled by sentimentality and an excess of lithium, her celebrated analytical mind had long ago been rendered useless. The sight of Brody arranging a remote-controlled assassination in order to rescue a hogtied Carrie pushed usually staid critics to the edge of a nervous breakdown.