Do you ever think about stuff like that? I can’t see anything! I giggled and ducked behind a tree, the flash of light erupting in front of me again, and I found myself in my bedroom. I heard a monster noise! We still have thirteen camera-” Dipper accidentally crushed one with his fist. Dipper and Mabel put on their hats, and his expression softened.

I can’t explain it and I can’t tell you how I got in the show. I nervously sat on the bus, looking out the window, hoping nobody watched the new episode. I wanted to test to see if these items indeed sent me into the show or if it was a strange circumstance. I never like this part. Open your own dog hotel manage a boarding kennel for dogs. What do you think of her? Then I remembered something: The theme song was over like forever ago, why was-.

Gimme another one of those! I had to episodee frozen like that for a couple minutes. All of us froze, even the Gobblewonker, its mouth open and its front foot raised in the air, ready to smack another tree.

Bow bow, buh bow bow. I giggled and ducked behind a tree, the flash of light erupting in front of me again, and I found myself in my bedroom.

Gravity Falls » Season 1 » The Legend of the Gobblewonker

I fell on my face, again, into the dirt. I looked down at my chest and the biggest shiver went down my spine.


I’m going to go take a nap. It always made me feel sorry for the old coot. Build and manage your island city and airport. I turned to look back and saw just what I had expected: I make that one over there smile! The Legend of the Gobblewonker 3.

Oh, right, a beaver landed on his face, too. Your jewelry is astonishing, but I have some questions. They rained down from the sky, landing on us and the boat. He started to run after it but Soos grabbed grabity.

Now let’s untie this boat and get out on the lake! I’m a lookout genius! Download City Island 4 app for Android. Our boat pulled into the clutches of Scuttlebutt Island, fog littering the area.

A flash of light sucked me into the TV screen. But, since I ordered off Amazon, I clicked on “leave seller feedback.

When I got home from school I found my mother folding laundry in the living room. Soos, after a few minutes of looking at the beavers, decided to take photos gdavity the beavers. No, my stomach normally sounds like whale noises. I never like this part. And then Dipper caught what he said. Falle clicked send, and then put the necklace on. I decided to turn around and say something. But what would I do with the sword? After the commercial, we continued to run for the boat.


He flipped through the pages of the journal and told Mabel to go into the falls.

I laughed some more. Who even knew if I would go back in?

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You two know what day it is? But since Soos had claimed associate co-captain, I was third co-captain. Okay, you’ll be look out, Soos can work the steering wheel, Stella can can help you, Mabel, and I’ll be captain. I read the label on my bottle, which was Sweet Stuff. I’ll take your sword and throw it in the lake! I stood near islamd Mystery Shack, looking up at it. The jewelry was very strange, only by wearing them both could I be sent into the show.

Falsl panicked and screamed. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t even move my eyes.