It is a true story told like a thriller that shows how a historical event would be put on the screen. In short, the movie doesn’t depict them as how they would like to appear but rather as how they really are. That’s not what happened in reality. Every time I see it, it gives me the chills. Zafeiris emphasizes a little-known aspect of the affair. Script is very good and should be heard in its native French so that you don’t miss a nuance. A plot was hatched to set him up and murder him after a speech in Thessaloniki in

I’ve viewed it again and again. Lambrakis is portrayed on the billboards as a ‘Balkan champion’ , which while factually true, is misleading: The urban guerrillas will continue to fight,the government will continue to use US taught torture methods, and US companies will continue to exploit the country. WhimsicalVonia 23 March More than a race: It is also, perhaps more importantly, a look at the misuse of government power in a democratic society and those willing to expose it. And so the story begins. The trailer for “Z” was some the most intense, exciting few seconds of film I had ever seen, and I wanted to see more.

This movie has a similar outline as Z as both were meant to be frustrating critically commentary of events at the time. The Internet Movie Database has a list of the most popular movies of all time. Z “Any similarity to real persons and events is not coincidental. The whole result is very rewarding. Quite a few runners might also add that they enjoy the upgrade in the services offered.

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Watch this film with that one thought in mind. But the film manages to end on a positive note, with moving music and an explanation for the film’s title.


He died a couple of months ago. It’s “lithe and fierce No country is safe, and it could be argued in areas of Florida today that, even though we preserved our nation and eliminated Nixon, it was a Pyrhic victory, a temporary victory, and our democracy and how it is supposed to ethically work was left disheveled and browbeaten in the end, anyway.

To those who say that something like this can’t happen in a democratic society because in it happened there.

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Script is very good and should be heard in its native French so that you don’t miss a nuance. The judges lost their jobs during the military dictatorship of He used the revenue from these games to fund public lamvrakis for the starving population.

What is truly spot-on is the casting. Thinly fictionalised account of the assassination of Grigoris Lambrakis and subsequent events, with a satirical view of Greek politics which still has echoes today. In the original see below in textGrigoris Lambrakis is seen unfolding his peace banner during the peace rally from Marathon to Athens.

It won in the latter category. I’ve wanted to see this film for thirty years. It leads to the downfall of a country. The dialogue is concise and to lambrzkis point – the film’s last lines, spoken by the Narrator and found in the quotes section of IMDb, never fail to bring tears to my eyes.

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Stephen 4 January If only more people had seen it. The Oscar forced it to be shown in the United States.

If only they made films like this now, I’d be a happy camper. And why those dark times for Greece bear a shocking resemblance to today. The name of the dead politician would forever be remembered by the letter ‘”Z”.


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While the film was shot in on the opposite side of the Mediterranean in Algiers though it makes for a fine substitute for the Greek locations where the events actually took place which is helped even more by the use of things like a Greek typewriter in scenes with the Examining Magistrate for example.

When a macho lawyer friend, Alfonso, taunts him for ,ambrakis having young mistresses like other red-blooded Italian males of a certain age, Gianni is provoked into action — of the romantic sort.

Zafeiris emphasizes a little-known aspect of the affair.

In conclusion, this movie is just an oasis in film history and it should inspire newcomers to do the same instead of serving propaganda! But Sartzetakis courageously implicated the leaders of the police in a conspiracy to murder Lambrakis and uncovered a secret organization of right-wing thugs used for dirty work, controlled by the police and perhaps higher.

The next day, in Athens, his funeral became a massive demonstration. So a public investigator was hired to look into a possible conspiracy. The last scene shows the inspiring Deputy’s widow looking skeptical of the supposed success of the examining magistrate’s indictments.

Costa-Gavras masterfully tailors in the perfect balance of intensity and suspense. Here, Trintignant is a young judge who stays truth to his grigori and it’s all the more funny and powerful that he’s highly clever: Above all though I believer it is a warning.