In the closing scene, an injured Trubel, assumed to be dead, shows up at the door of Nick’s new home, and collapses in his arms. Nick and Hank find a vital clue in a fairly recent missing-person case. Suddenly it becomes quiet, and they find their attackers have all been killed by someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to Juliette. A gang of dangerous wesen, a wesen that looks like a bloated blowfish, and a bad wig with telekinesis. She says it freaked her out and she needs to get out of town. Another man who owned the local bakery, named Xavier, has gone missing — presumably kidnapped by the gang. Wu shows him some photos. Nick goes to the hospital to visit Adalind and their newborn son; Adalind names the child Kelly, after Nick’s mother.

She says he likes hurting people. Monroe goes undercover at a pep rally to help Nick investigate a lead — the rally is actually a recruiting tool for Black Claw. Retrieved April 29, Renard says put her in custody and use her to get to the others. Meanwhile, Catherine gets ingredients from Rosalee and makes a potion before calling Capt. Meanwhile, Meisner and Trubel go to Diana’s safehouse; they find that she was taken by Black Claw as leverage to convince Renard, Adalind and Nick to join their cause.

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She says they must be too. Retrieved March 26, Stefania and Frau Pech battle each other using their alliances with Adalind. He doubts a Grimm will protect him and they tell him that Nick has protected them. Edit Did You Know?

As Nick and Hank investigate a case of sudden blindness leading to a woman’s death, they come across a Wesen that feeds off its victim’s tears. The fall finale aired on November Wu’s Lycanthrope symptoms worsen, triggered by the full moon, and he woges to chase a stray dog, stumbling and knocking himself unconscious.

She wssen Dallas Cruz. Retrieved May 2, After Nick manages to kill all the attackers, Bonaparte and Renard appear to confront him. He shakes his head. Shark Tank finale adjusts up, Originals and Masters of Illusion adjust down”.


Monroe is in danger when Wesen business owners are targeted nafht a string of attacks being investigated by Nick and Hank. Adalind laughs and shakes her head.

Nick says they can protect him but he has to identify them.

Wesen Nacht

Xavier as Robert Clendenin Gabriel Salvador He asks if they can come down and talk to Xavier. Nick must find a way to get close without losing himself in the process. Big Bang Theory finale and Empire share lead for May 9—15″. Shark Tank adjusts up, Grimm adjusts down”. Before she dies, Chavez gives Grim, dark knight chess piece to Nick. He’ll eat and drink when he gets back!

Monroe accidentally reveals that one of the visions is of Nick in Aunt Marie’s trailer, and Juliette demands they take her there, as she believes it will recover her memory. Retrieved March 11, Wesen Nacht 11 Dec List of Grimm episodes. Adalind brings Trubel some coffee. Nick is desperate to replace the books lost when Juliette burnt his Aunt Marie’s trailer, but doesn’t have the money.

Rodriguez returned as Chavez in the episode “The Grimm Identity”, as she revealed on her instagram account. Meanwhile, home life brings Nick and Adalind closer together, and Captain Renard is asked to support the mayoral campaign of Andrew Dixon, an old friend. The more Nick digs into the case, the more he realizes the pattern of the kidnapping matches those in the famed Hispanic horror story “La Llorona”, a story Nick’s ancestors investigated to no avail.

Nick and Hank discover a new kind of strange when they investigate suspects being found dead — for the second time. She refuses to talk. Meanwhile, Hank arrests Tony Rosalee’s ex for breaking into Zuri’s house, only to find out that they are both working for Black Claw.


When the beast that killed that man attacks the FBI agents working the case, he lures Nick there so that he can kill him. Search for ” Wesen Nacht ” on Amazon. On the first night of the full moon, a young successful entrepreneur is driving on a deserted wooded road to visit his mother.

Meanwhile, Ggimm and Trubel go to Diana’s safehouse; they find that she was taken by Black Claw as leverage to convince Renard, Adalind and Nick to join their cause. The two Anubis Wesen arrive in Portland and kill Felix in his hotel room, where Nick and Monore find a shipping slip which they follow to the killers; in a fit of rage, Monroe tears out their throats.

They think these are all attacks on Wesen.

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Monroe says they got to Xavier. The leader woges and attacks. Nick decides to show Trubel what he found in Germany, in case anything should happen to him. Nick tells Wu, Hank, and Renard that the incident at the restaurant was a test. Rosalee continues to work with Juliette in order to fix her memory. Retrieved May 23, Retrieved July 7, Nick believes the treasure could be found. Trubel reveals to Nick and Adalind what she’s been doing for the last several months.

Nick, Nafht, and Wu investigate the death of a woman who aged seventy years overnight, only to learn they are dealing with a Wesen, operating as a photographer, who sucks youthfulness out of young people and regurgitates it as a goo.