Plz help me wit necessary information. Every1 is complaining of thesame thing attached forms not in the invitation mail and nothing is being done yet…. I think the show is cool. They were not educating the millions of viewers in any way whatsoever! The other 20 participants will get N, each. Today June 23, is the birthday of model, actor and reality TV star Chris Okagbue and his twin brother What do you love about it? Got the information for this season late but dont wanna left behind again during the next.

Today June 23, is the birthday of model, actor and reality TV star Chris Okagbue and his twin brother Ifeoma Dike , a 20 year old Psychology Student: If I recall Lucan and Martin who were previous leaders didn’t exactly keep the staff where it was decreed to be kept. I pray it shld b successful. I knw one tin dat one day i wil b there gus AMEN. Both tribes had to build their shelters late into the night. I guess someone had to be evicted and Chidi came up with the flimsy excuse of where the staff was supposed to be kept.

I want to be part of the contestants,please i need a guideline. On Saturday, November 1, the main hall of the Women Development Centre, Awka, Anambra State, was filled to capacity with special guests who had come from all walks of life to felicitate with Chinedu Ubachukwu, winner of Gulder Ultimate Search Geraldine should be voted back as far as i am concerned, she deserves to be voted back gu,der the jungle.


Please when is the registration of GUS8 commencing and how do I register.

Gulder Ultimate Search Season 11 – Episode 16

Cos its a great search. Please I want Geraldine back plsssssssssssssss. Those whose boxes contained red objects belonged to the Spears and would stay in the Red camp while those with yellow objects belonged to the Swords camp.

Please what do i do. Please how will i register.

Pleace how can i register. But come to think of it, I love the comment Chidi made at the place of the gong on the day Vaughan found that empty chest, coz, the earlier they realize and not let anyone use them,the better for them as individuals.

I dont think it is a fair method. Send some of the money my way!

Who is your favorite? Today June 23, is the birthday of model, actor and reality TV star Chris Okagbue and his twin brother The traditional ruler spoke…. It was either hidden either in the bush or snuggled up with someone under the blanket. I saw anthonys eviction comin epixode he attempted 2 burn kevins lucky jacket. Help me, Dis is my number Please notify me via this email address, menuelka yahoo.

Chinedu Ubachukwu Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Season 11 – Premium Times Nigeria

Hi, I think Martins hltimate to win this time because he is too smart. I av registered for GUS Season 8 but i have not receive ultimaye acceptance form. Signs that Gulder Ultimate Search 11 will be thrilling, suspense-filled and even more exciting than previous editions have begun to manifest. Hi femi, i has register for season8 but no reply yet. I think it will look crowdy with 30 contestants. Just when the game was about to end in a tie, Dennis fouled Edmond and earned a penalty against his team.


The mother of three gave younger contestants that thronged the Ogbe Gulfer, Benin City, for the Gulder Ultimate Search 11 regional auditions…. Lanre Oluborode Amakiri, a 27 year old Model: I think the show is cool.

I’ll be gratefull if anyone would be kind enough to help me out. Anita Hogan, a 28 year old Artist: According to him, the success of GUS has led to other mass market brands in the country to adopt the reality TV programmes as a marketing platform to communicate their brand essence episose values especially to the youth market segment. Do not cut, copy or seacrh any content from this website without our consent.

This the period i have looking forwared to see. I want to be part of the GUS show this year.