You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You must be logged in before you can reply. You cannot post new topics in this forum. Can’t help more, that’s how i did to use full resolution on my laptop What solution of this problem?? Retorno del nab 24 de Febrero [20].

FoxieTails February 11th, I have no clue why there is a punishment policy on my account? You have to set the compatibility settings up manually like you did for windows 7. If it happens for this game, it could happen for other games too. Tuesday, March 31, 1: Mouttes vende lentes a 19 dolares y quiere mas.. I have tried it with other games and all of them are working properly. Help GM i have a problem with the graphic video card.

I have the same question 6. Did this solve your problem?

Anyone still having trouble with this, i just managed to fix the issue myself resoolution softnyx tech support tried to give me instructions on how to fix the issue using methods for windows xp Forum Active Topics Search Login. Tuesday, February 02, What solution of this problem??

Just a little suggestion about Receiving Gifts. You cannot vote in polls in this forum.


GunBound Classic Thor’s Hammer – screen resolution please help me @@

Friday, December 04, 2: Thursday, January 07, In reply to ixbabiee’s post on January 3, I know this may be an off thread but I hope you can help me with my problem tnx: Try starting the game with right-clic then “run with graphics processor”, then “integrated graphics default “. Cabalist, liked this post. Right click on the launcher, go to properties, compatibility, click the box th at says run as administrator, and then click the box for “run in compatibility mode for” then select windows xp service pack 3.

Saturday, August 01, 4: It showed up once when I ran it as Windows 7, but then I got an error message and it never shows up again. And you want full [33]. Hope you can help me and will try to keep in touch. Hope this could help you somehow, mark here. You cannot post new topics in this forum.

Users currently viewing the site in the last 5 minutes: Happy Birthday Tobias nab do my heartcitow [1]. Anyone Gnubound player still playing this game? Monday, March 30, 6: Jajajaja Donofrio jajajaj y esos payasos cetros ja [5]. You cannot edit your posts in this forum.


Game not working in Fullscreen

My laptop is Maximum requirement for Gunbound. Please inspect file once again.

You cannot create polls in this forum. Any news when this will be available for windows 10?

Previous Topic Next Topic. This will resolktion the “error code” issue that pops up when running on both windows 8, and now, on windows 10!

Thursday, October 15, Gore, liked this post. Que van a saber ustedes mascotas de marca de ropa. Is it the game’s problem or my computer’s problem? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Can someone please help me fix this problem?

One or both of two things will happen.