Nobody said they won’t stand up to let people past. Go watch movies there instead. GV ads are the worst. Same with Tampines GV actually, seats feel like they were designed for pre-schoolers. I usually just try to pull my legs in. Not only the tiny legspace, but all this time, watching a movie there will make your heart go Bedok Bedok If you’re planning to organize a meetup or simply looking for kakis buddies in Singlish to attend a gig, start a thread and let the mods know!

I wonder what they would say if you complained afterwards. Submit a new text post. Do not use cached or archived links for submissions. Why does Filmgarde have Web booking that feels like ? Do they do this to all their theatres for every movie? Bedok has Golden Village cinema now but don’t go there because self.

Why does Filmgarde have Web booking that feels like ?

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That’s my spot to go and escape for a movie without having to worry about booking tix way in advance or finding parking! Rather unlikely that a corporation would design such a facility that makes it unsuitable for most of sg population i. I usually just try to pull my legs in.

cineja Need to take the eat me cake. You have to stand up and let the seat fold back so that there’s enough space for people to walk past. Very comfortable seats and not many people for now.

I’ve canvassed many friends, and to them, they just tv “no difference what. I’m so sorry for the awful pun. Have a face full of my bag for you, I hope it slaps both of your cheeks.

Visiting Singapore?

I’m kinda seeing a trend here GV Bedok should be your last resort. All fundraising activities will be moderated. I believe sneak previews start on time, at least. This thread is about the lack of legroom. The main reason I go to GV is that their online booking app sucks noticeably less than any other Singapore movie-ticketing app I’ve tried.


Please seek approval from Mods before posting or it will be poitn. Submissions must have titles comprised of the exact copied and pasted headline from an article. Want to add to the discussion? They all have light readings under 2 Foot Lamberts.

Pooint there to watch Ant man 2 days ago. Always getting a throbbing headache at the end of the film. Off topic and low effort submissions memes will be removed at the moderators’ discretion.

I would usually book aisle seats because of my height and I have learnt my lesson.

Bedok has Golden Village cinema now but don’t go there because : singapore

It was my first time there jugong seeing that’s it’s such a small cinema I decide to choose a seat that’s in the centre. The new Filmgarde at Century Square is a good alternative. Would add that Tampines Mall GV has poor leg room as well. And the audio cut off halfway into the show.

I am roughly cm and throughout the movie I have to open my legs as wide as possible just to barely fit. Think about your consumers rather than cramping as many seats as you can. I wonder what they would say if you complained afterwards. Or maybe I’m just fat. If you haven’t tried IMAX yet, you’ll be missing out. I usually starr strolling in 15 minutes after the juronf on the ticket. Log in or sign up in seconds.

But on the whole, the saddest thing is that Singaporeans just don’t care. Just don’t do it for opening week — there’s a chance it might start on time. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Actually I would like a bit of room space, it seems OK to me when I am there. One fine day they are going to have you stand up and angle your head up 45 degrees to watch a 2 hour movie.


poinh But it is the min of ads some of which are repeatedfollowed by the upcoming movie trailers, THEN the film itself, that totally drives me nuts. Some cinemas have so little legroom, you simply can’t just move your legs to create enough room for people to walk past. The movie studios should not allow this. Every third or fourth time I have to get up to let a herd in ten minutes after the actual feature starts, but that’s much better than getting there “on time”. Have mercy with the downvotes.

It’s way too long. Please abide to the reddit’s official stance on self-promotion. Ohh I see, yeah my friend complained about it when we went to watch a movie there last week also, but I’m not very picky about the seats haha not sure why people downvote you tho. Cjnema the cinema has so little legroom that me, with my short-ass legs has to get up for every person trying to get past, I’m avoiding it.