He just started walking around super-confused. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. Do you always share the same opinion? Man, i don’t even know. He did back lips and caught his heel edge and did one and a half back flips onto his head on the stairs. For the three of you who are not familiar with Halldor here are the facts: What else are you involved in?

Kids love him, magazines love him, girls seem to love him, and he can drag snowboarding any which way he chooses right now. Because thats what got me stoked on street rails. I always feel like everyone else is way better than me. Do you always share the same opinion? Just trying to progress and trying new stuff, and keeping on going as long as I can. How do you avoid that. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Any question you would like us to ask your brother?

It just kind of destroys the whole thing for me. Another thing, too, is Think Thank. Who brought you into snowboarding? There are hallcor comments. I was standing at the top again, ready to drop in for the next round, and I just started riding, just right again.

Snowboard movies will always be around, and this is going to be my main goal. You recently signed with Nike. That way it stays fun, too.

Or at least try to…. And I usually hate what I did maybe a year ago.

The Halldor Helgason Interview

Halldor and Eiki always find new stuff all the time. Save the banger-banger shots, but have it all in there AND in the video part. For the second half we isolated Halldor, and he told us more about his portfolio of brands, his relationship to sponsors, and his upcoming movie Sexual Snowboarding. Who was your local hero? But then we started trying to post every day.


To be fair, yalldor are a few riders hlldor have recently landed tricks that are quite hard to beat — the triple corks.

And you get so pumped; you want to try another trick. Where and when was your first snowboard pic published? I try not to do the same tricks over and over and over. We will never sell your data and you’ll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you’ll enjoy. The sponsors are supposed to sponsor you for what you do. Just trying to progress and trying new stuff, and keeping on going as long as I can.

This has some tasty snowstunting in it, to be sure. How does this affect your online work? Have you given him any thanks for his influence? To everyone else, he was an unknown face from Iceland.

They stomp all the time. That is probably the most stupid thing you can do after you get knocked out: He did back lips and caught his heel edge and did one and a half back flips onto his head on the stairs. During a Nike shoot in Norway we had an interview scheduled with Halldor.


No worries, we posted all of it here! And I remember Gulli was just pointing at him and said: Eiki was just pointing at him. The Scott Stevens Interview Read our Scott Stevens’ interview that was in issuetricked out with some banging video parts from over halleor years.

Born on 10 Januaryhe grew up in Akureyri, Iceland. What do you do to keep up haldor that? Halldor wants to thank his sponsors: It’s important to me because that what i have always love to do, so im stoked that im still just doing that. What else are you involved in?


The Halldor Helgason Interview

Obviously, we wanted to know more about its success when Halldor and Johannes sat down with us…. There was a rail contest in Oslo. I think Nike can do a lot of good things for me… and things will go down!

We have the same interests, and kind of the same humour, too. That can never happen. Movies just get you super-stoked on, like, sending it! Johannes, do you think that some day your work with the Helgasons is getting repetitive? And if you bring in people like Hepgason phew!

I always try to catch up or try to do stuff like them. The most fun I have is when I go snowboarding. Man, i don’t even know. You get stoked on other tricks, and new things. We were there in the beginning, and people might have only time to look at one [website], and we were the first. After this question everything went very off-script, and we talked about Final Cut hints, pleasing your dads, and the un- popularity of penises in the US.

Is it big air or slopestyle? I have been super-stoked on Nike [and] all the riders [and] all the people I work with. We used to do a bunch of movies before, we got sponsors and whatever.

Jussi needs no introduction.