Yoshi has a crush on Charlotte and decides to get married to her. When this episode was aired in America, the entire adventure was edited out, showing only the beginning where the Ham-Hams were telling everyone to keep Hamtaro’s birthday a secret and the ending where all the Ham-Hams are singing for Hamtaro’s birthday. Ayayamu is a pretty hamster who excelled at everything—as a child-prodigy in school, sports and even drawing and writing. Laura’s family take Brandy and without knowing it the Ham-Hams to the dog race. Characters Episodes Trotting Hamtaro Hai! Hakubutsukan 13 avril 42 Bienvenue, Paprika! Brandy runs away from home because Laura and her parents got a poodle to watch over.

Elder-Ham is reunited with Auntie Viv. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams secretly come along, but Boss seems very hesitant into entering the house since he is wearing a fine suit to impress Bijou. They go into the forest by the park for the party when they are ambushed by the Halloween Phantom and Wolf-Ham, who turns out to be Auntie Viv and Elder Ham. After Boss saves Bijou from a big ball that was headed toward her, everyone says that Boss is like a knight. Elle vivait en Russie avant de venir au Japon en France dans la version originale. The Ham-Hams want to catch the supposed Diamonds of Sugar from the sky, but they’re unaware of the stars’ actual distance from Earth until they spot a shooting star. But she runs into troubles when an evil Sparkle orders her ninja team to get rid of Princess Bijou.

A snowstorm has just dumped snow onto the town.

At the end of the episode it’s revealed Omar didn’t even have feelings for Sparkle. But Herbert and Jingle are in the midst of their travels, and the time to say goodbye comes all too soon.

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Lapis is mad at her sister Namtaro after she messes up their room, and Stan wants a date with Lapis. The Ham-Hams make their own circus. Hamuchanzu 21 juillet 4 Bijou descend! After what happened yesterday, Pashmina got sick, and June messed up Kylie’s cake. Jingle talks to Nande, and Nande becomes like Skyham and vice versa.


Ai Tai Kimochi ” Japanese: Can she retrieve the seeds for Hamtaro?

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Sandy wants to give her sweetheart Maxwell something, Boss thinks Bijou will give something to Hamtaro, and Stan wants to impress Flora. When it’s raining, a cat appears and attacks Penelope, but Hamtaro defeats the cat.

Aki Matsuri ” Japanese: Boss shows everybody his house, only to find a sleeping hamster named Snoozer. So Laura and Kana are all excited because they will have plenty of stars to wish on. This makes Lazuli upset and run away, and so the Ham-Hams help Lapis get a special flower for Lazuli to say she’s sorry. O Hamu to Chourou.

A new kid named Roberto arrives in the neighborhood and he’s not the type to make friends so easily. Kana likes to play with cards and tell people’s fortunes, and lately she is getting good at it!

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Robo-Joe takes the Ham-Hams flying in a plane-like transformation. When this episode was aired in America, the entire adventure was edited out, showing only the beginning where the Ham-Hams were telling everyone to keep Hamtaro’s birthday a secret and the ending where episodr the Ham-Hams are singing for Hamtaro’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Laura’s Mom has lost a precious brooch but can’t find it anywhere. They end up looking for it on a mammoth, but Bo and Hamtaro are sucked into its trunk! Laura decides to take her dog Brandy for a check-up at Dr. Meanwhile, Laura is looking for a subject to make a painting from flowers.


Retrieved from ” https: They then help them uamtaro their garden and defend it from crows.

Koi Uranai ” Japanese: Howdy is afraid of what might happen to his friend. Meanwhile, Laura is shocked that Kana and Travis are hanging out together. One day, Laura inadvertently breaks a flowerpot containing a plant that the principal values greatly!

Oshare and the Ham-Hams don’t know this, however, and they try to save her. The Ham-Hams must get back to the surface, and discover that Penelope and Brandy are their only hope to escape the flood.

So the Ham-Hams want to make a new room for Boss to play and relax in. Nin-Ham gets kicked out of ninja school again, so the Ham-Hams decide to help him. Touge No Obake ” Japanese: They are taken to a place in the woods where they find Oxnard, and they meet gardeners named Eggy-P and Tomy-T. Zack and his Mom” Transcription: Haru no Kaze ” Japanese: Raion Sensei hamtago Japanese: They race all their friends but the winner in the end was no doubt Auntie Viv.

Oxnard needs help from Hamtaro to confess his love for his old friend, Pepper. Yume No Yuuenchi ” Japanese: Laura’s class, followed by the Ham-Hams and Auntie Viv, go on a cruise. Niwatori Torio eplsode Japanese: She really wants to do something special for him, so when she sees one day how emotional he gets when he hears Maria playing the piano, Mimi decides that she is going to learn to play something for him.