In the Japanese version they made Akiha a girl for some reason. Welcome to the Asian Drama Episode Summaries community. Liberty Times in Chinese. He says that they’re not acting how they do or doing what they are without thinking and that they always have a meaning behind their actions. She says that she wants to go back to America but it’s the feelings and relationships that pull her back — she remembers his face, and the rest as well. Looking around and finding no one, she started changing her clothes. This is pretty much the only version I watched completely.

Nakatsu shot up when he heard a female voice singing it perfectly — it’s his mum. I love this scene. He suddenly has a flashback of someone being stabbed with a knife. Her words stirr him and they begin to sing. It’s like something so trivial, but it sort of highlights their similarities AND their differences. Saving Mizuki, however, lands him a suspension for violence against a teacher. This drama could be so awesome if the writers used the premise they were given and showed us more school antics, more dorm leaders, more guys from different dorms.

She nods, still dying of laughter. Tae-joon stares at her for a tsiwan second before backing her into the pole. And that’s what I did. That was nice, and heartwarming and super sweet. Sano remembers the boy’s challenge that he made the other day and smiles, flicking the sleeping boy on the forehead. His words help her resolve her inner turmoil and she thanks him. Your email address will not be published. Smiling, Jae-hee tells him that she missed him and came just to see him for a minute.

I don’t know but that part is super strange but OF course. Notify me of new comments via email. I honestly just got the episode today so I kind of rushed to make this. She seems startled by the demand, which Kitahama explains, telling her that someone as small and weak-looking as reccap would probably carry around a knife for protection. I loved the Taiwanese version but couldnt watch the Korean remake and had to relay on recaps.


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You’ve said everything on my mind. That’s so NOT fair. It’s finally the night of the live concert and Sawatari announces Dorm 2 as the next act. Even though he said that he wanted to leave at his prime to spite his dad, but he wouldn’t now. Hope they will be cast in some new projects soon. I have seen her in Down With Love, and there she plays a tomboy. Meanwhile, the Principal has returned in time for the marathon and decides the reward for this competition will get weekend nights out for a year.

While in the bathroom Sano over hears 2 of Dorm 1’s members talking about how they injured Mizuki’s foot. I see what you did there SM.

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And I mean that sincerely. If you don’t understand the manga then you shouldn’t have recapped it. It shouldnt be as you really will be having hard time epiode not of that boy. That boy is so perfect.

She bends down to continue when he suddenly grabs her by the arm. Cookies to Toma who plays him so well.

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The next morning, Nanba and Sekime exit the dorms but surprisingly, the normal crowd of girls isn’t there. But John Kim came and ruined it, unknowingly to him.

PD Nim should balance a bit here. Nakatsu continues, saying that a balance is important and in response, Sano tells him that one of his answers is wrong. It’s precisely the question that is burning in my mind that I was like ARGH when the ending song started episodde.


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Jae-hee thanks him and then hugs him. He’s not even with the boys farewell moment with Jae Hee. He would let Rui Xi stay under one condition, within the two weeks he’s staying, Dpisode needs to high jump like he used to. Finally before he leaves, he asks the two to tell Nakatsu that he’s sorry. She bids them farewell with a smile. Because I thought this was a community focused on Korean Dramas The decision is made and Mizuki tells Kitahama that she doesn’t care if elisode gets suspended.

I smile widely all the way from Episode 1 to Episode In the previous version, all the students found out that Mizuki was a girl and thus she sort of became an outcast, but here, we have only Nakatsu and Sano way back in Episode…2? Mizuki notices Nakatsu still spacing out and tells him that if he doesn’t have fun, she won’t either. Finally Sawatari walks in and announces the live concert after the exams, the winner of which recieves free meal vouchers for a year.

Loved her in the beginning, but afterwards her character til the almost the very end – all that cheerfulness got sucked right out of her. She needs to find the right role.