After the loss, Sota travels to France to be employed by a renowned brand of chocolate and continues chasing his “fairy”. I’ve never thought about that ship before but they actually look kinda cute together! But the chocolates look epic. Souta’s life changed completely and unexpected encounters came to be Retrieved October 30, Most of the times it’s about Asian dramas, but I also love watching movies, animes, and reading manga. Retrieved May 13, I’m not rating this manga because I was only able to read the first two chapters.

Drama , Romance , Josei Authors: The series does get slightly better later on. I personally know a few in real life, too. Retrieved February 13, It doesn’t matter if the real girl is totally different of the idealized girl of his imagination. Add to My List. If any one does like the main hero, the girl that he’s obsessively in love with will be an instant turn off to the story.

The adaption of the manga Shitsuren Chocolatier to a live-action was announced onand it was decided to premiere it on Fuji TV at 9: However, Shitsuren Chocolatier still is great, just not excellent. And Kaoruko was funny as hell tooXD.

SWEET-HONEYDEW: Jdrama Review: Shitsuren Chocolatier

Sports Nippon in Japanese. I don’t know how the author make up something like this but its not really nice. Romanceslice of life. Ranked Popularity Members 1, Retrieved January 12, Id rather he end up with heartbrolen one than end up with Saeko. The romantic tension, the bittersweet feelings, and the sadness of it all Even when his girlfriend smells like cigarettes although she doesn’t smoke, even when she turns down his invitation to a date on Valentine’s day, he’s still not broken-hearted at all, and he still continues to love her Retrieved from ” https: Reading Shitsuren Chocolatier made me feel like I was watching a guy and his romantic life through a window.


Dramarama: Shitsuren Chocolatier (Mini Review)

This is just taking it one step too far. Doing another jdrama review on a drama I’m currently watching that is still airing in Japan this season. About This Blog Hiya! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Add to Heartbroekn List.

I’m not rating this manga because I was only able to read the first two chapters. And sometimes it can be very intense and dark: Did Ishihara Satomi saved a country in her previous life? Retrieved April 2, Love isn’t always butterflies and rainbows Matsumoto Jun’s character is so weird but yet so cute and funny to watch, lol.

In high school, he fell in love with the beautiful Takahashi Saeko Ishihara Satomi.

Newer Post Older Post. Saeko has burning a passion for chocolate and gives a box of famous French chocolates to Sota. Waiting for this show will be the death of me. I’m just here because of the food nothing at all.


Jdrama: Heartbroken Chocolatier Episodes

But it’s not intense enough. Watch list in order of priority: OdaMalik December 28, at 9: No reviews have been submitted for this title.

What jdramas are you currently watching this season? The plot is fairly unique, but not so much dazzlingly presented. Shitsuren Chocolatier manga sold around 2. Retrieved October 10, With not enough money and connection, his only driving force is Saeko’s love for chocolate And I must say Matsumoto Jun is a pretty damn hot kisser!

As someone who’s been wanting to become a chocolatier for the past five years, I honestly ueartbroken it.

Doesn’t it look so pretty and romantic?! This goes for most if not all of my keepsakes. Current Favourite Drama MV.