Palace with eight men would not have got the point they got and to this end Wednesday deserved to stay up, this is what hurts. See you in LG1 next year at our ‘small’ Meadow Lane, with a mere 20, capacity. Good luck with new investment and a club as illustrious as Palace belong up there. All wednesday fans will admit that this has been coming for a long time, though it still makes us sick to our stomachs. Unless all sides are prepared to admit to there failings then how is anything going to change. You’ve finished 42nd in the football pyramid, and haven’t been a top 6 club since , where you finished 3rd in the old First Division!

Wednesday fans currently absorbed in their own private grief will slowly heal over the summer months as their squad is reshaped, while the anxiety continues for Palace supporters, who have seen their team stay up but desperately need someone to rescue their club. Hart made it clear he would like to be considered for the managerial position if a new consortium does complete a deal at Palace, but after a season that saw him in charge at Portsmouth and QPR, as well as the Eagles, he ruefully admitted: There was also the decision to allow Clarke’s goal to stand. I really hope that Palace get the investment they need to continue, it would be a massive shame for all involved with the club if they were to be liquidated. I’m guessing you’re an Arsenal fan and aren’t used to watching down at the lower reaches?. What was evident was that in the cases of Darren Potter and James O’Connor, Wednesday had two players with blood pouring from their heads.

The four-part mini-series, titled Anne, will depict Mrs Williams’s battle to uncover the truth about the death of her year-old son, Kevin. I for one am not trying to justify their actions but it was simply a combination of frustrations.

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Complain about this comment Comment number The weeping Wednesday fans as I walked away from the stadium, many being comforted by friends or relatives, told you that it would be their team playing League One football next season. It had everything – blood. Therefore it surprises me that so many fans want a wholesale clear-out of the playing staff. Why should teams that break the rules and default on paying small local businesses, the St Johns Hillsborougn etc get an easy ride?


Maxine Peake to star in Hillsborough drama Anne

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The FA also have a poor record of dealing with these things. It’s probably something along the lines of ‘high loo-natic count in coach K, prepare for disengagement and shunt to sidings at next stop’, but really nothing to do with the general public. Attacking our players simply isn’t on, and I hope the Football League move to take some action to ensure the culprits are at the least banned for life and perhaps look at criminal voetbl. James O’Connor’s reaction at half time only hillsborouth to show his anger towards Derry’s challenge and again drwma scenes could have been avoided if Mike Dean had made the right call in the first place.

Hi Paul, Don’t let the reprobates take the shine off what was one of the best games of the season. What is the point of having police there if they’re just going to stand back and not act until after fighting breaks out? This was to allow the players to celebrate, something hullsborough could participate in from the stands, and we did.

In fact, the coverage this season has largely been due to our administration. Hillsborough is hllsborough in-depth, moving account of Britain’s worst sporting disaster, in which 96 men, women and children were killed, hundreds injured and thousands traumatised.

We were targeted with missiles at the end, coins, lighters, full cans of drink.

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Will Paul Hart come back as manager? Can’t make my mind up if that’s brave or stupid. Lets not think that this only works one way and that sometimes its acceptable and sometimes it isn’t. There’s no need to run on to the pitch and potentially cause a riot. Complain about this comment Comment number 9.

Nevertheless, whoever was in charge of them on Sunday afternoon should take a long, hard look at themselves. It was a fantastic game for the neutral [which people seem to be missing]. Maybe i,ve become paranoid over the years because of the BBC’s bias, but onne thing is for sure, we will be back and we will be stronger for it.

Emotions run high at Hillsborough

Sunday’s relegation showdown at an emotional and tense Hillsborough showed us so much of what is great about football and, regrettably, a little of what is not. Other than that I’ve had an incredible day, from being wide awake at 5am through nerves to going absolutely mental in injury time, only for Stern John’s weak finish to be cleared off the line. The hard truth is that we deserved to go down. Have some respect, it’s their job You can also follow me on Twitter.


Palace fans invaded the pitch too and those identified accept the same fate and similarly their club have points deducted. At 34 – The screen at Hillsborough is about as old as the ark. Elbows on both occasions, a mere 5 metres in front of the referee in the second instance, yet no cards were banished. A woman, plastered in blood, is arrested by a grave, and a tale of loss, lust and jealousy slowly unfolds.

BBC – Paul Fletcher: Emotions run high at Hillsborough

Several aware and courageous stewards ensured he made it to the tunnel safely as irate individuals lashed out at him. Inexcusable reaction by Wednesday fans who humiliated their great club by attacking opposition players.

A poster on the tram I took back to Sheffield station showed a Wednesday fan with the strapline: One Palace supporter told me he had been extremely anxious as he left the ground. Well done to Crystal Palace a fully deserved point against a poor wednesday, your massive following at hillsbourgh was loud and supportive, it was like a home game for you!

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We even have a guy [Paul Fletcher] reporting on the game and then heading back south of the Watford Gap! I don’t condone the behaviour of the fans that threw punches but the Palace fans should never have gone on the pitch in such circumstances, what the hell did they expect, especially as their fans were goading ours for most of the game.

Non-binary How do you come out to yourself? The first Wednesday goal could easily have been ruled out although it was woeful defending and Palace should have scored a couple more to seal it.