It attracts many young and not so young drivers our man fits the latter group and because of this produces some close and often frantic racing. He went well in Caterhams but was coming 20th there. Rob, agreed re lack of Ff Dastle. Last season FF’s came 2nd and 3rd in the class championship, and one won the Mono class, so you could drop in and out of Mono without major changes providing you have a flashing type rain light sensible as they’re really bright and meet the kg inc. Bjorn Wirdheim Fuji debut preview. I wonder what happened to Maskell?!

Same engine situation as historic FF. Also results from FF Championships for the years following would be most helpful. Thruxton March 13 2. Auto Addicts is proudly associated with: The difference with Mono is the mixture of cars you are racing against. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You can get used slicks from BRDC F3 teams which have maybe only done one session, which makes things an awful lot cheaper but they’ve lost a second per lap compared to the new ones. Posted 30 July –

Twinny By coincidence,mentioned today in ‘Motorsport News’ He has taken up championwhip racing. The organization’s roots grew out of High Performance Driving Experiences but now embrace a full complement of motorsports activities, including performance rallies, time trials and competitive race events. Six were built and, with Paul Jackson driving, were reasonably competitive.

Motorsport Network Buy tickets Store. Serkes August 7 9. Now perhaps I’m jaded, but sellers just seem to grossly exaggerate the condition, or just plain lie!

I went to see a last winter when I was on the hunt and saw many in fact. Please log in to reply. Cadwell Park April 17 4.

Erik last raced in and won the championship inwhich followed his novice season in where he came second.


Historic FF2000 showdown at Walter Hayes Trophy

Twinny I think we “did” Cyd Williams on here some time ago. You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 18 May – Doesn’t ring any bells histric me I’m afraid, and there were some pretty odd things out in those days ineg Alpine, Sark, Javelin, Ray, Nomad, Osella, etc. He was as clearly talented as under-financed. Bjorn Wirdheim Fuji debut preview. I raced in Hisroric several years ago, first of all in Mono with a Vauxhall Junior 16v and then Mono with a Vauxhall Lotus,but switched to tin tops because I histiric too crap to drive a single seater!.

The arrangement will ensure reduced costs for competitors, who will continue to benefit from a comprehensive insurance program. Also being able to race in Mono the RF81 looks quite an interesting idea.

Mercedes-AMG S65 saloon to bow out. In one of the the other classes you don’t need new tyres each meeting, maybe just a couple of sets per season, you don’t use as much fuel, so costs come down accordingly. Quite a mixture of speeds, but for the most part everyone is respectful of each others right to be there.

Either too few competitors or big chequebooks up front? There will always be someone to have a dice with in Mono and they are a good bunch of people.

Edited by andy97 on Thursday 11th January Posted 17 May – Friswell was famed for some mighty contests with Ray Mallock in the early s and, 40 years later, it is the evergreen Ray who tops chamoionship entry in his Mallock Mk18B. Posted 02 August – A great driver in F3, I remember a blinder of a win at Mallory in early ‘ Unfortunately Hadfield was seriws to make a second pit stop for a punctured front tyre gf2000 be changed and the time lost in the pits cost him any chance of chasing Liguori.


Brands Hatch August 14 If he did that and Smith was second they would be level on points and Park would take the crown on a tie-break. Some like the variety, others don’t.

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I want to race single seaters in a potentially race winning car. I always thought Maskell deserved more. Jaguar F-Type rally car: Snetterton July 10 8. The seller told me with a straight face that the motor was fresh.

Historic FF series – News – Racecar

All cars employ “slick” treadless Cooper Zeon racing tires and are capable of speeds in excess of mph. Presumably it’s 5k lower than the rest for a reason. To date, Rowley and category historian Alan Morgan have identified 36 marques of FF car from the period.

Rumble was also involved as designer and chassis builder of the Sparton FFs. Of course crashing changes everything On enquiring further it was refreshed 20 years ago and had done nothing since, really? But if I’m interested in who scored in a division 6 fotball it’s a piece of cake!

I was never great in it though, despite being quite successful in saloons I just couldn’t really get to grips with it, plus I’d started to lose interest a bit. Perhaps the search facility should deliver the goods. Rowley is particularly keen to see more of the early cars back on the fd2000. I rated him very much and saw him quite often at Oulton.