Lynsey is kicked out of the flat by Cheryl who does not believe her claims. In , Lynsey was suddenly murdered in her own home and the audience were left shocked when Brendan discovered her dead body on the sofa. Paul Marquess Bryan Kirkwood From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She leaves, relieved her ordeal is over. Mercedes discovers Doctor Browning is married and threatens to tell his wife of their relationship if Doctor Browning reports Lynsey for resuscitating the DNR patient. Remembering…The Murder of Lynsey Nolan. In , Hollyoaks series producer Paul Marquess asked Hassan to join Hollyoaks as part of the soap’s ongoing rejuvenation, to which she agreed and the character began appearing in the main show from 11 August

Esther decided to try again but was intercepted by her friend, George who took her home. He went on to explain that Doctor Browning initially agreed to pretend to be in a relationship with Mercedes to help make Riley jealous but “he’s fallen for her and will do whatever it takes to be with her. In special flash-back scenes, fans were shown exactly what had happened on the afternoon that Lynsey was killed. Retrieved 9 July Paul Marquess Bryan Kirkwood She was given more food for thought when her mum asked her to move to Canada with her. It was only when her gran, Frankie found the remains of the pills in her bag that the seriousness of the situation dawned and Esther was rushed to hospital where she had a liver transplant. Assuming he is faking a heart attack, Lynsey removes his oxygen mask and questions Silas about his innocence.

Archived from the original on 16 November It is later revealed that Doctor Browning went to threaten Lynsey into keeping quiet about Mercedes stalking Mitzeee. He takes Mercedes to a shooting range, Thompson explained that there she “realises there’s an undeniable connection between them”. Hassan recalled the scenario of filming lunsey final lymsey a mere three days prior to her character’s on-screen exit.

She’s going to take care of number one – and if other people get hurt in the process, then so be it”. She sleeps with him again for money and the next day he goads Lynsey about it. He tells Trevor he killed Myra and he confesses to the murders of Lynsey and Myra and the attempted murder of Cindy and attempted rape of Lindsey.

When he tells Myra that she’s not going to die, Jim McGinn Dan Tetsella lawyer, suggests that Myra could sue and get a lot of money.


Lynsey’s death – video dailymotion

This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat News Release Richard Brent to leave Channel 4. She added that the brownign were not romantic to film due to the water being cold.

Retrieved 1 July Mercedes later calls Doctor Browning and arranges a meeting. She added that Lynsey values her friendship with Mercedes and would not want to lose it while Mitzeee is a different kind of threat. Lynsey hollyoa,s thrown out of the party after trying to convince the guests that a murder is going to take place.

However, when Little Tom found out that she was concealing a fake baby bump, she kidnapped him and locked him in the same basement that Patrick locked her in when she was pregnant as a fourteen year old. Doctor Browning manages to overpower her and tries to kill her until Jim interrupts and he is arrested. Hassan explained that Lynsey does not cope with the challenge very well as she has already been pushed to breaking point over recent months and now she is trapped having to play Silas’ psychotic game.

Myra suspects he is behind it and tells everyone that he is a murderer and puts up posters that he is a murderer so Doctor Browning and Trevor agree to kill her. Lists of characters By year: Mercedes gives birth and Lynsey visits Silas for a final time, telling him that he is just a sad old man that no longer has any hold over her and that she can finally sleep soundly.

Doctor Browning

Her death sparks a ” whodunit storyline” as a “number of suspects had a motive for wanting to get rid of her”. Silas follows Texas to the woods where he plans to murder her when Lynsey and Nancy interrupt him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Meanwhile, Hollyoaks also reintroduced Silas – leaving viewers unsure if he had murdered her.

She added that viewers named Lynsey as one of their favourite characters amongst “some really nice feedback”. The show opened with a series of scenes that encapsulated the lives of the seven youngsters in Chester.

Lynsey’s death shocked Laura Morgan from All About Soapwho could not believe that she was writing about her death. When Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan is murdered in a whodunnit plot Doctor Browning becomes a suspect before it is later revealed he had killed Lynsey. When Mercedes finds out the truth, Doctor Browning kidnaps her and drives off.


When Lynsey gives sexual health advice via a college radio, she angers Silas who prevents her receiving a promotion. Sam escaped from hospital and, furious to hear that his brother was dating the girl that got him sent to prison, doused The Dog in petrol. Silas sets Lynsey the challenge of guessing his next victim before Halloween although if she fails he will kill the intended victim.

Hassan revealed that Lynsey does this in the hope that Silas’ lies will unravel, explaining that now Lynsey has “entered into this game of cat-and-mouse with Silas, she’ll get deeper and deeper”. Silas tells Cheryl that Lynsey could have given her the sedatives, making her doubt Lynsey’s state of her mind.

Scanlanwould become involved with the storyline and would begin to think that there is something odd about Silas, although Brendan does not think Silas is a murderer. A day of romance and celebration took a tragic turn for Hollyoaks favourite Max Cunningham when he crossed evil Niall Rafferty in his bid to marry Steph Dean. Hollyoaks characters Fictional nurses Fictional characters introduced in History Awards and nominations Producers.

Retrieved from ” https: This means Jacqui can relate to Lynsey’s situation with Silas as nobody believes Lynsey’s claims, leading to them building “a great friendship”. Remembering…The Murder of Lynsey Nolan. Digital Spy revealed that after their suffering at the hands of Silas, Lynsey and Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe would become friends after Lynsey becomes a source of support for Mercedes.

Wedding Bells and Murder Confessions on “Eastenders ” “.

Doctor Browning finds Mercedes and they share their secrets about bad deeds. Walker is present at the murder and does not prevent it in order to conceal an undercover police operation that she discovers.

His spisode was made up when Doug set him free at the airport and fans waited in anticipation to see whether Ste and Brendan would finally get a shot at happiness.