Higher delays are visible nearby the transmitter antenna. One of the main drivers in order to increase system interactivity is the use of compact size biomedical sensors, which can communicate in real time with medical specialists or social services, or can perform data-logging functions in order to store and send the relevant information later. Estimations of received power levels have been compared with experimental results, indicating that received power levels comply with receiver sensitivity levels in the scenario for any potential transceiver location, implying adequate overall system service levels. In addition, the influence of walls and furniture in the environment is also represented. Independently of the sensor type, all of them must establish Bluetooth wireless communication with set-top box when there is outstanding data to transmit. These parameters are really useful in the radio propagation study. The implemented wireless technology depends on several factors such as coverage range, data rate, power consumption, and security, among others. It must be taken in account that end user likely show low technology knowledge, and any additional required intervention in device operation can make the user reject the system; even in the case of a medical device being used by the caregiver, a complex device operation can lead to wrong measurement acquisition, incorrect function selection, or data transmission fail.

Mainly, this device receives the acquired information and transmits it to the back-end. The back-end system provides a web service that allows the agents to access it with their personal devices. Staff Writer December 1, Additionally, complete user experience assessment will be obtained in order to identify usability, leading to further modifications and enhancements. This is the most important element and includes all the software modules required for the management of layers, and the communication from one layer to each other. As an example, Figure 15 a,b shows measurements related to weigh scale and electrocardiogram monitor devices, respectively. Currently, the NASISTIC system does not implement any strategy for distinguishing occasional out of range data with no risk for the user; all alerts lead to warning notifications. In Figure 11 , a Delay Spread map is depicted for the case of Transmitters 1 and 2.

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In any case, these tools provide a complete configurability of roles. The features of these sensors depend on both the acquired parameter and the location where they are placed, but in general, they are devices with very low form factor, battery powered, and high operation autonomy.

It can feel like a long wait under the covers until spring arrives. In the center compartment of your car? System implementation and evaluation using experimental data. Several transmitters can be placed within the indoor scenario. However, if location is changed, or if height is modified, sensitivity levels are not achieved.


In this work, the hooltins of Context Aware in order to aid in the assistance of end users within the framework of e-Health and m-Health scenarios has been described.

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Current Developments, Challenges, and Future Trends. Social sensors exhibit reduced size, wireless communication capabilities, and minimum current consumption allowing them to be battery powered and highly operation autonomous; this feature allows holgins reduction of maintenance service costs. In this sense, the impact of the scenario in transceiver channel as a function of device location as well as on the obstacle density of the scenario under analysis will be tested.

On the other hand, the module shows high operation holttins thanks to use LV-LP integrated circuits together with optimized software implementation; in addition, a microcontroller and wireless communication block presents Deep Sleep states that allow reducing the power consumption.

On the other hand, this allows the reception of link quality measurements. Besides, for each person position, two different cases for the transmitter antenna have been analyzed. System Aid in Nursing Centers and Hospitals. The large amount of stored data enables the development of additional holrins related to social behavioral patterns, monitoring of chronic patients with social problems such as exclusion, loneliness, energy poverty, etc.

In the example scenario, the optimal configuration would be achieved with 3 transceivers for the case of a relatively large room, as depicted in Figure 8located in equidistant positions at a medium height i. Waych Population ageing is unprecedented, holtihs parallel in human history—and the twenty-first century will witness even more smartt ageing than did the century just past [ 1 ]. Received Dec 23; Accepted Feb These messages are transmitted to the back-end so they can be viewed and analyzed by technical worker.

Finally, Section 5 provides conclusions and final remarks of the work. Real-time and secure wireless health monitoring. The implemented wireless technology depends on several factors such as coverage range, data rate, power consumption, and security, among others.

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Brain Injury Monitoring System. Other acquisition parameters e. Journal List Sensors Basel v. The Social term includes all the aspects associated with population social problems such as loneliness, integration into the society, energy poverty, population ageing, among others; problems that require specific healthcare professionals like social workers or assistants.

My Shelter Days are numbered ten. Parameters such as frequency of operation, radiation patterns of the antennas, number of multipath reflections and cuboid resolution are introduced. This social sensor is placed in every living space for taking temperature and humidity measurements frequently one or two measurements per minute.


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The system hoptins must send the information to the call center and switch on the air conditioning unit. Electromagnetic phenomena such as reflection, refraction and diffraction have been also taken into account. Meanwhile, the Sanitary term makes reference to the healthcare system part responsible for solving physiological and psychological problems suffered by smary population.

In Section 4initial tests within a Living Lab framework are described, providing insight in complete system operation and the potential full-scale deployment.

Currently, most of these devices are portable and battery powered. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Red Cross in Navarra has been the institution responsible for selecting the pilot users, addressing their training for the use of medical devices and taking the Call Center project.

Abstract In this work, context aware scenarios applied to e-Health and m-Health hlltins the framework of typical households urban and rural by means of deploying Social Sensors will be described. In order to analyze the wireless communication in a generic social-sanitary monitoring system and emulate the operation of any acquisition sensor, a specific evaluation system has been smatt.

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The need to simplify as much as possible the use of medical devices. All the objects and furniture within the environment have been considered, like the tables, chairs, shelves and windows, considering their material properties in terms of conductivity and dielectric constant.

Finally, the comparison between measurements and simulations for hotlins aforementioned six points is depicted in Figure From the social point of view, the interest of users has not been as high as smagt medical parameters; in contrast, in this case, family members second users have shown interest in issues such as temperature variation in the monitored homes, flood, etc.

On the one hand, the module does have reduced size However, some medical devices require continuous use in order to diagnose a disease suffered by the user. Usually, the sensor will establish connection any time it must transmit information, although the sensor can also maintain an established connection permanently and transmit the information when is required. The back-end system can also be accessed remotely by the user and family members to perform several tasks: