Coach McGuirk decides to buy a condo, but getting approved for a mortgage proves to be difficult. McGuirk’s attempt at wooing a waitress is the kind of thing that would sad if it weren’t so funny. And as far as the intertwining elements of the story go, none really felt unnecessary and all felt pretty funny. Full Cast and Crew. Paula secretly enters one of Brendon’s movies in a contest. Paula starts going to the gym. It was released May 16, and includes fifty-two songs which were featured throughout the series.

September 2nd, It Was Supposed To Be Funny – Brendon is asked to make a documentary about Melissa’s grandfather, but ends up just making fun of him. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk reads an important pamphlet and decides to attend bartending school. McGuirk goes to traffic school after getting another ticket. Melissa, feeling left out, helps Coach McGuirk cheat in traffic school. Even Paula’s small subplot produces some laughs. Use the HTML below.

Search for ” Psycho-Delicate ” on Amazon. Paula’s storyline was, admittedly, terrible though I did get a kick out of the hairdresserbut the kids’ movies and McGuirk and the guitarist more than made up for it.


Meanwhile, Paula stumbles across moviss huge pile of the kids’ old movies and incredibly, she watches them. Lynch’s cats and turning Jason’s new parakeet against him.

The gang attempts to make a movie for a video store contest, McGuirk attempts to woo a waitress at a diner waiterss contends with a street musician who accuses him of stealing his money and sings a scathing song about his weightand Paula’s new hairstyle backfires.

Cross-dressing is always funny. Brendon runs into trouble when his idea for a costume is stolen, Linda is pregnant, Jason is running into old addictions and McGuirk runs into an old friend. At the Skunk Scouts dinner, Melissa and Jason try to promote The Wizard’s Bakerforcing Brendon to reveal his hatred of mivies project, but their argument is upstaged by Coach McGuirk appearing at the dinner. Brendon sneaks off to join the Skunk Scouts, hoping to recapture what’s left of his childhood.


In a suspicious coincidence, Melissa and Jason each break their arms. He sneaks into the camp and the kids hide him in their cabin, until the “cult” comes looking for him.

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Archived copy as title Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover. Melissa and Jason put pressure on him to no avail, but they end up being a hit anyway.

Brendon, Jason and Melissa attempt to enter a film festival. Meanwhile Coach McGuirk helps Paula pick out and assemble an extremely large grill for the Small family.

January 13th, Hiatus – After a particularly bad film, Brendon, Melissa and Jason decide to take a hiatus from films. Lynch is tutoring Brendon, who is failing History. It would be impossible to list every mcgurk terrible thing he did, but here is a fairly comprehensive list of just the best worst moments.

This was more a classic HM-ish episode–basically Brendan and Co make a movie while McGuirk makes an ass of himself in some way large or small. Even though it was very minor in the episode, it still was unfunny. Brendon cheats on Mr.

Brendon goes to family therapy with Andrew and Linda to learn “gentle talk. Bonus CD is a soundtrack mobies to the show Home Movies. The films were hilarious. Brendon gets caught cheating on one of Lynch’s exam by Walter, Perry and Junior. Paula starts going to the gym. Seriously, the guy was deplorable, said some very distressing things, and committed terrible acts that make him anything but a role model.


All told, this was an very strong episode. February 24th, Class Trip – Brendon’s class is going on a field trip to a hotel. March 28th, Focus Grill – The kids test their latest film in front of a rather hostile focus group. The New Mcghirk of Corporate Kids,”for financial mcguikr. Brendon gets caught making fun of another kid at school and as a result, Mr.

The kids test their latest film in front of a rather hostile focus group. September 9th, Method of Acting – Brendon takes acting classes until he is kicked out of the class.

Meanwhile, Melissa gets jealous when her dad, Erik, wants to date a woman homme his journal writing class.

Fred was alright, but not somebody I would like to see become a reccuring character luckily, that probably won’t happen. A class trip to a hotel provides a great opportunity for some “on location” footage. Brendon, Jason hom Melissa sneak away to shoot a movie. Season 2 Melissa and Jason help Brendon run for office against the previously undefeated Thurman Thackery. Psycho-Delicate 15 Feb Comedy rockacousticalternative rockhard rockparody [4]. Even stronger was jcguirk presence of the hobo.